Opening soon of the new highest viewpoint in New York

A new observatory in New York is going to open on May, 29th. In fact, the freedom TowIMG_2057-1er is going to open the One World Observatory. This observatory is located on the 100th floor of the Freedom Tower. It is going to be the highest viewpoint. Even if the Empire State Building Observatory is almost as high the One World Observatory. However, the view will be completely different. Indeed, the One World Observatory is near the Hudson River so it will be a good spot, especially to see the sunset. In my opinion, the Empire State will be also observable. However, I wonder if we’ll be able to see Central Park. But we ‘ll be able to see the Statue of Liberty :D

The One World Observatory will be a new experience. First, the elevators will be able to take only 60 seconds to ascend the 102nd Floor! Amazing !! Moreover, we will be able to experience a virtual time-lapse, which will recreate the development of NY’s  skyline from the 1600s to present day. Furthermore, the One World Observatory will offer several amenities like restaurants and a gallery.

Tickets are available right now for the opening. The admission charge will be more expensive than in the other observatory. In fact, the price is $32 for an adult.

See below a sneak peek of One World Observatory and explore it !


The Book vs. the Movie: You Choose.

I love to read, but I also love film. In my honest opinion, 90% or so of the time, if the movie was adapted from a book, the book will be better. The book is the written word and not a film that is being made based mostly on pleasing the audience that will come to see it. When you are reading, you see it happening in your head and you can cast anyone as the characters, and create the entire world inside your brain. It’s your version of the movie. To me, that is the best part. I can’t even listen to audiobooks because I get too distracted by life going on around me to concentrate on what is being read to me. However, there are also exceptions to this, occasionally the movie is the same as the book or perhaps even better. Here are a few examples I’d like to mention:


The Harry Potter series: I have read all of the books and seen all of the movies. The first movie ” Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone” was exactly the same plot, same everything as the book. However, the second one and every one after that skipped bits and pieces. One standout example I found disappointing was that they did not show the house elves that work in the kitchen at Hogwarts, when in the book (I can’t at the moment remember which one) Dobby and Kreacher got them all together to help them fight against Voldemort. Dobby even had a house elf girlfriend, but she was not shown in the movie. Maybe they didn’t feel like doing that much extra CGI, but they were left out. Also, the last two of the movies that were made for “Deathly Hallows” had plenty of things in it that weren’t in the actual books. But, to their credit, these movies were done pretty well and needed to be done to bring Harry’s world to life. My favorite moment that they covered was the fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore in the “Order of the Phoenix” movie. Brilliant!


Silver Linings Playbook: I read this book first, before seeing the movie. I am incredibly glad I did. I thought the movie was awful. Mostly because it completely changed the plot from what is written in the book. In the book, Tiffany isn’t really writing to Pat’s ex wife like she says she is and in the end we find out she didn’t even know her at all and she just said she did to get him to train with her. In the movie though, his ex-wife comes to their dance performance at the end and offers to give him another chance and he chooses not to. Whereas, in the book he never sees her again. I appreciate that the film version has to try to be greater than the book to make people interested in watching it, but to me it’s disappointing when they change the plot altogether.


Revolutionary Road: I also read this book before I saw the movie. The book is good, and the movie was better. This is one of those exceptions to my usual opinion. I thought the movie was a nice way to bring the novel to life and enhanced the experience of the story overall. The roles were well cast and it gave you a better view of the story.

Are there any movies you liked better than the book? Or do you agree with me that the book is usually better?

I am currently almost done reading ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ and am about to find out whether or not the movie version is any good. We shall see.


Have you ever think about puppy love?

I am a totally an animal lover, specifically dog lover! I have a dog and I’d love to share her picture and life with her with everyone !Her name is Duo Duo,  so many people asked me what bleed is your dog, because she looks like a bear! and nobody know this type of dog! IMG_2541Actually she is none-bleed dog, means not famous type ,she is mixed ! and I dont care , she was a “accident “by my friend’s 2 dogs! they had baby dogs, so I took her home! It has been 7 years since I brought her home, from little baby dog till now she know where to pee where to shit! I feel like Im a mother! she is a happy dog, no worries , no danger, and be loved by people ridiculously! we treated duo duo as a member of family and spoiled her too much. Somehow I guess she considers herself as a queen of the family that she could do anything without being punishment! last time I video called with my mom, she told me a story that one midnight, duo duo went to my room, jumped to my bed and took a pee then went back to main room , continued to sleeping on their bed like NOTHING HAPPENED!!!! look at her innocent face that nobody could punish her….


I need to video call with family 3~4 times a week, and every time I am so happy to see my dog again !! 10999087_615753485225086_4292693315561266557_n

if you have dog or cat , I think you can understand the feeling  I have :P

Draw a full stop to our college life!

Yesterday, a freshman called me to inquire a good place to go. I recommend a few lines. When hanging up, a question comes out “what is the difference between the travel and after-graduation travel?”

Actually, for travelers, traveling is by no means to enjoy the beautiful view, to taste delicious foods or to spend their holiday. Traveling is an encounter with self heart, a collision between your heart and the world. However, after-graduation trip, compared with common trip, has a deeper meaning in some ways.

Graduation is a gorgeous node in our life. Traveling is like a ceremony happening on this node. It’s the meaning not the destination that accounts for more parts. Walk on strange roads, visit strange cities, meet with strange people. Look back with your sincere friends and seek for your true self during the trip.

College is the first siege in our life. We spent our youth time in it. We used to feel it dull, it plain. We always dreamt of escaping it to fly, to pursue. When we would graduate from it, stand out of it and look back, it seems more vivid, more colorful than we thought. It’s filled with our friendship, our youth.

Destination is not important but the companions are. We’ll separate from each other. We are not certain that many years later, whether we will remember each other, whether we will still keep in touch. Take a trip with them and portrait your unforgettable friends more clearly in your mind!

The Lord of the Rings in Concert

Last Tuesday I saw the award-winning film The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship on the Rings in concert at the David H. Koch Theatre.

6.30 – I entered the Theatre – the heart beat wildly – was looking around me and discovering this marvelous spot. I were excited as the first time I had received a gift. I asked for a champagne glass J and drunk it as quick as I can.

6.45 – My friend and I found our seats. The Theatre is so impressive and giant. I was amazed. In front of us, a large orchestra of 200 people – at the forefront: cello players, violin players, bass players, trombone players – at the background: all the singers. In front of us, a large screen similar to a cinema screen. I had chills.

7.00 – The film begins – people applaud with enthusiasm – my heart is beating more and more. Suddenly we heard the cello players – then the chorus. What beautiful it is.

During 3 hours, orchestra plays and during 3 hours I hold my breath. I never see such performance. It was fantastic and I think I will remember it all my life.


Living life or Missing out on life’s best moments?

People say go out and live your life. And that is what we all want to do. We leave behind our family, our friends, our home and venture out to explore new horizons, new opportunities, a new country. A country which gives us new wings to fly, new dreams to see and honestly gives us the best it has to offer. We would probably not get a better opportunity back home.. a foreign degree, a dream job and a better lifestyle. What else do we need right?

But just a thought. Are we really living our lives or are we missing out on the best moments of our lives? Little moments with our loved ones which really make our lives worth living, fill our lives with joy and our heart with millions of memories. Ofcourse we have the internet, we can talk to them, see them everyday and share every minute detail of our life with them. But is this online interaction the same as a physical conversation?

small-joys-quote (2)We might go back home every once in a while, but are we not missing out on the moments we really wanted to be a part of? Moments we wanted to capture and treasure for the rest of our lives.

It is when you miss your best friend’s wedding and your sister delivering her first child that you really question, ‘What is it that is more important in life?’ And just when you are pondering over it you come across a website (See Your Folks) which shockingly calculates the number of times you would meet your parents before they die. Now this is definitely not the kind of reality check I was looking for.

What’s really the true love?

Photo Credit: Spencer Wright, Flickr,

Photo Credit: Spencer Wright, Flickr,

What an interesting question. I think that love is the most complicated concept in the world. Love is complicated. Love is an emotion and an emotion cannot be the same for everybody. To begin, what is an emotion? First, an emotion is a psychological and physical reaction to a certain situation. Then, an emotion is associated with the mood or the personality. As nobody has the same brain and the same personality, the term of emotion is very complex and differs according to individuates. According to Descartes, there are six basics emotions: admiration, love, hate, desire, joy, and sadness. All of the others emotions are composed of one of these basic emotions.

Love is an emotion of affection and personal attachment to a being. The romantic love is a deep feeling of tenderness, desire. It’s a passionate love, a kind of a strong attraction toward the lover. In Greek, there is four different ways to use the word “love”. Eros is the best way to describe the romantic love. It means the sexual passion but also the intimate love. It means the sexual attraction that two lovers have toward each other, but also the intimate love they are building together. It includes the little attentions as “I love you”, a kiss, or bouquet of flowers. In the concept of love, there is also the concept of admiration. If fact, I cannot love someone that I don’t admire and vice versa. In admiration, there is respect. The romantic love exists when the two lovers respect each other. They respect their thoughts, their way to see and understand love, or simply their way to love.

When you love someone you want his/her happiness and you want this person to flourish in this relationship and this love. You don’t want to be a prisoner of your emotions. Love is a very abstract term and everybody feels different toward this emotion. It has a power on every lover. Once we are in love, it’s our entire body, soul, and mind that are in love. Love is one of the most powerful emotions. It’s something that we cannot control and it is scary in a way to not have control on our emotions and feelings. However, we should not be afraid of love because it brings a lot of positive things and vibes into our lives.

For my litterature class, I recently saw again Shakespeare In Love. In this movie, we witness the beginning of the story of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare can’t write anymore because he has lost his inspiration. But then, he meets a beautiful inaccessible woman and he falls in love with her. Shakespeare lived the experience of the true love with his lover and he got inspired for Romeo and Juliet. I think that Romeo and Juliet is the perfect example of what the true love is. The pure romantic love, when two lovers surrender to each other and promise to love each other at any cost.

Everyone has a different point of view on it, through our personal experiences and expectations. I cannot wait to see your comments about this subject!

Review on “the graduate” , melody of our youth


I have heard about “the graduate”this film  ten years ago, as I really love the background music “Scarborough Fair”, which encourage me to watch this classical movie again at present.

This is a good film that describes the love of the teenagers and they try to fight against the adult’s world. In that film, the graduate, Ben, was confused and had no direction in the future. He was pressured by his parents and neighbors . Everyone asked him about plan in the future. What impressed me a lot is the scene that Ben was asked to dive in the water. Here the scene was described by the first person angle and it shows the parents’ facial expression by the angle Ben sees behind the mask. They ceaselessly speaking but we can not hear what they are talking, but the deep breath sounds. It brings us a deeply oppressive feeling that just like Ben’s mood. He try to dive in the deep of the water to escape from everything. Faced with the seducing of Mrs.Robinson, Ben was confused and he didn’t know whether he should refuse or not. Actually he corrupted and have sex with Mrs.Robinson. Mrs.Robinson is also a poor lady, she had dream as well when she was young, but it was denied by the reality. In that wrong relationship, Mrs.Robinson try to manipulate Ben. She seduced Ben not because she loves him, but to try to prove she is still young. Ben was confused and felt guilty about the wrong relationship. When he met Elaine, the pretty and pure daughter of Mrs.Robinson, he fell into love with her. But when the truth float up, Elaine choose to leave and marry another man that she doesn’t love. Faced with the hindering of their parents, Ben doesn’t give up and he tries his best to take Elaine out of the church.

From this film, we can see the process of the teenagers’ growth from being confused to being mature and steadfast. It just like the Americans in that age. In 1960s, people was confused in the turbulent society: anti-war movement, civil rights movements, and Vietnam War.

STUDY ABOARD, what for?

Before I study aboard I thought I can meet a lot friends from different countries and also can learn the local culture in abroad.

I’ve been study aboard twice, for the first time was in Japan and the second is this time in USA.  When I was in Japan I didn’t feel  too much financial  pressure because I had full fellowship and also I did part time.IMG_0824 In general, I had good time in Japan so I really cherish that time. And I made a lot of friends, someone may think making friends there is easy but believe me make friends with Japanese is way difficult than you think, except people who comes from ”western ” so they don’t have that problem of making Japanese friends. However, Japan shaped me a lot  such as values and personality.

After my four years study I came back to China and got a job. I thought I could settle down and turns out I could’t  get coustom to the life in China anymore. I guess it’s because culture re-shock some sort of this thing. Eventually after thousands times struggling with myself I decide to take a risk and come to the USA.

Study in America is more difficult than Japan and a lot of different with there. But I found one thing in common which is international students’ network. When I was in Japan I saw most of Chinese students are always network with their groups and so do the other countries. And the same phenomenon in America too , all I see is that most of Chinese are hanging out with Chinese, and not only Chinese but also Korean,   French and Indian.  And that makes no differences of study in our own country.

Study aboard, what for?


Amazing Brunches in New York

Finally, spring is coming !!!! In my opinion, the weather is perfect to organize brunches on Sunday. I tested several brunch restaurants during my stay in New York. I am going to give you the addresses of my favorite brunches.

1) Sarabeth’s

IMG_3120Sarabeth’s is a famous restaurant. it’s very well-known for it brunches ! I went there twice and I like it ! There are several locations: Central Park South, Tribeca, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Tribeca, and Park Avenue South. In my opinion, Park Avenue South is the best one because the restaurant is huge so it will be easier to have a table !


IMG_3117I took my first brunch in Sarabeth’s with my roommate. I like Sarabeth’s because it’s a typical and sophisticated brunch !!

If you want to take a look to the Menus :


2) Cook Shop

IMG_2782Cookshop is a nice restaurant just nearby the High Line. It’s a great spot. The bonus: there is a terrace to enjoy the sun !!

My favorite dish is the « Oven Baked Sunny side-up Eggs. It’s simple but very appetizing. I advise you to also taste their cocktails. The restaurant have a huge choices of cocktails!

Here is the Menus 

3) Max Brenner


A special brunch for food lovers, especially, chocolate lovers ! In fact, there is a classic brunch menu but also a menu special chocolate !! I think that I went to Brenner 4 or 5 times to take a brunch.

If you want another opinion, Marine also wrote a comment about this restaurant!! :) Marine, I think we really are Chocolate Addicts :)


Ps: Do not forget to reserve a table several days before !! Bon Appetit  !