What type of man you are by the sunglasses you wear.

Hello everyone this week I wanted to write about fashion, human behavior and of course sunglasses. For this post I going to summarize 3 types of man by the sunglasses they wear, so if you are a guy and you are reading this try go to guess who you are and if you are a girl and you are reading this try to guess what kind of man is your boy!


Number 1: The Classic.

This is a very conservative guy, he likes frames easy to wear and to match easily with his clothes. This boy is very well cautious when is time to choose for a fashion element and sunglasses are a very vital piece to his style and sometime are the most important accessory. Shades like The very famous “RayBan Aviator” and P3 “Andy Warhol Style”by Illesteva fit perfectly with this type of man and there are a lot of options in that category for him. So, if this is you or this is your boy you’re a very lucky to have great personality.  3

Number 2: The Bad Boy.

Sunglasses are synonym of coolness and coolness is the synonym of bad boys, this man chooses total black shades very dark, sunglasses are essential in his fashion appearance. Leather and jeans are always in this guy’s wardrobe and hi is for sure very popular and well know love hunter. Shades like “RayBan Wayfarer
and some pieces from “Italia Independent” would fit perfectly for this bad boy. So, if you are one of these men or is your boy one of this, your better visit those links above for a perfect gift for you or for him.


Number 3: Out of Space.

Accessories for this guy are so important like a hardware tool to a carpenter. Sunglasses are on the top of his priorities for fashion and this must be really out of the box or a real art piece inspired in a futuristic movie. I couldn’t suggest any better for this season that the new man shades from #13&9Eyewear I went last week to the jewelry fair art the MAD Museum in Manhattan just to try them on and they are really amazing!!! If you are a this kind of guys please visit #13&9design and get one of the only 600 pieces they made for the season.7

Five oil-paintings from my father

There are five oil-paintings from my father. He is an artist. Recently, he is going to hold his private oil-painting exhibition in Manhattan. Due to curiosity, I asked some local people about my father’s works, and then got so many good suggestions and recommendations. I’m very thanks for their advices. You know, everyone gave me total different and interest opinions, which made me so excited and inspiring. So I’d like to invite you to give me  what’s your opinions and some suggestions.

DSC_0695 DSC_0626 DSC_0693

        Image–2015  (60X65cm)  Xiuqi Pan


      Image–2015 (50X70cm) Xiuqi Pan



1.Could you tell me what’s  your feeling?

2.Do you like or dislike and why?

Thanks very much!

One of The Best Thai Restaurants in New York

IMG_0158IMG_0157Hi everyone, nice to see you guys again. Today I’m gonna bring you to a Thai restaurant (Spice). It is located between Broadway and University place around Union Square.The restaurant is serving Thai fusion foods. The foods here are 80% Thai and 20%American.

At the front of the restaurant you would see a white-red flag say “Spice”. So means you are arrived. When you walk in side to the restaurant, you are going to see the receptionist at the front, and you’re gonna see Thai style decoration at the wall. But the music that they play sounds like Club and Pop music.


They have a various kind of foods on the menu, but today I am going to please vegetable lovers. So I ordered a vegetarian duck with red curry sauce. That’s sound good right! The duck looked like a real duck but it is not. The duck was made of soy protein, but it’s just looked like a real duck. So if you are vegetarian or you don’t eat meat, you can absolutely have it. The curry sauce is kind of salty, spicy and sweet a little bit with the duck, so it is a very good combination. And I highly recommended you should have them with a side of coconut-sticky rice, it would be an awesome meal for you.
Hope you guys enjoy your dinner. And I’ll see you guys next week.

My Top 3 Sitcoms

Okay so let me just start by saying that i am a sitcom addict! all my free time i spend watching a variety of different shows with different genres! It can range from drama, comedy, horror, mystery etc. So i watch a lot of shows, but through this vast clutter and variety that is available, how can you choose as to what to watch and what not?  Because off course we have other priorities also! So if you want to get started you, then these would be the ones that i would recommend:-



F.R.I.E.N.D.S is an American sitcom that revolves around the life of 6 BFF’s living in the same apartment complex in New York. This show ran for ten years and had ten seasons. it was the most popular show throughout its run and received 62 Primetime Emmy Awards.( woahh thats huge right?)

Well besides these statistics, the main reason why i would recommend watching this show is because you will be able to relate to it. NYC and being in your 20s with your buddies.  It is mostly a comedy show, but it does has a few emotional heart warming moments :) id say give it a try for its not been named ‘Á Classic’ just like that

2. bbtThe Big Bang Theory

Another favourite of mine is The big bang theory. This story revolves around the life of 5 characters living in Pasadena, California. Leonard and Sheldon are two physicists working at cal tech. They are total geeks and are socially awkward. Along with them are their two colleagues Howard and Rajesh. Well their world turns upside down when a super hot and super pretty girl Penny moves in next door. She aspires to be an actress but is working as a waitress.

Also a comedy. Currently in its 8th season this show is extremely popular amongst the masses.

3. Modern Family

modernfamilyThis story is told from the perspective of an outsider. It involves the life of 3 families and shows us a real but super hilarious real life drama. Clare and Phil have 3 kids and try their best to be open minded parents but their first daughter is trying to grow up too fast, the next daughter is too smart for anyone to get her and their son well he is kinda disaster.

Claire’s father Jay and his Latina wife Gloria (Sophia vergera) are raising two kids. People assume jay to be Gloria’s father at times.

Jay’s gay son Mitchell and partner Cameron have adopted an Asian girl child. So overall it’s a mix of straight, gay, modern, traditional and multicultural chaotic family.

P.S ; these are just my 0.02 cents, i’d definitely appreciate if any of you’ll could recommend any others :)

Is The Grass Greener on the Other Side?

Do we, as human beings of fairly general intellect, always want what we don’t, or can’t have? Is it inevitable, as we go through  the course of our lives? I often wonder……                                                                                                                                         grass

When we stop asking ourselves this question, does that mean that we are content with our lives and we’re not striving for anything better? Our could it be possible that we can be content with where our lives, not wanting to ask ourselves that question, and yet still be striving to meet our ultimate goals?

I know that I have not yet achieved my ultimate goals, but for right now I’m just hoping to be in a place where I no longer need to ask myself that dreaded question; is the grass greener on the other side?

The Best Place for the Spring Break of 2016

“It is 10:00 in the morning the party has just started” Beach 1

Believe it or not, the party had started at 10 am it’s true! That is Cancun my friend where it can be the most exciting experience in your life my friend.

Do you know Spring break could be your best vacation in the year if you find the right place for it! So are you seeking to find out about a place that would be irresistible to spend your Spring break? A place in which saves your money and gives you a lot of fun.

Cancun, which is in Mexico, is a distinctive place that worth to visit in the spring break because it is will be one of the best experiences in your life, so that you will be fascinated by this place like me.

Therefore, let’s go further to find out why Cancun is the perfect place for your Spring break my friend?


Activity 2

Entertainment is considered an important factor during your vacation; in some cities you may not find a lot of activities or there are traditional activities that you have already done it. Activity 1

However, Cancun, which is a coastal island, has unique activities where you can find:

  • Activities in the beach.
  • Activities in the jungle.
  • Activities in the water and under water.
  • Great deals! Although it would be a new adventure, the price is not that too expensive.
  • Ask the Tourism Coordinator in your hotel for more information about activities or visit http://www.viator.com/Cancun/d631-ttd


party 3

After you done your morning activities, you should enjoy  of the wonderful nightlife in Cancun because::

  • You will find parties everywhere.
  • There are huge nightclubs that accommodate 3000 people so that you would have a big party.
  • Special parties such as pool party, foam party and beach parties.
  • Always good deals, for example, the foam party cost you 60$ for one ticket that include a table and an open bar so unlimited drink my friend.
  • Beach parties and pool parties started from 10:00 am.
  • It is going to be the greatest nightlife you ever had.

Foam party 2

Watch this video for more information about nightlife



In Cancun, there are many options for housing which depend on your budget, and whether you are looking for 2 stars hotel or 5 stars, you will find good deals for that. hotel 2

  • Some hotels offer all inclusive package which means unlimited food for 24 hours, a free open bar for 24 hours, free entry to parties, free shows, free nightclub ticket, great facilities.

I highly recommended you to see Grand Oasis Cancun where you will spend about 150$ per night which include:

  • Luxury room with excellent services.
  • Free open bar for 24 hours.
  • Huge pool parties and beach parties every day.
  • Free open buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Free coffee and soft drink.
  • Free entertainment shows.
  • Tourist Coordinator who is offering you great deals for activates and parties outside the hotel.

For more information and booking visit


So my friend you will have a great time in Cancun, but you should have an energy for this trip because you will have a lot of fun that begin from 10:00 am to 4:30 am so you should be ready for it.

Feel free to ask me for more information,


Hidden Authentic Thai restaurant

Have you ever had Thai food before? Do you know what it taste or look like? Everyone might have a different answer. But if you love something spicy, something tasty or even something different, try our Thai food once and I’m sure you gonna love it.

p3In here, NYC, I am pretty sure that 90% of Thai restaurant doesn’t provide you an authentic real Thai tastes. But, the reason is American’s tongue can not bear with something too hot or too spicy so the restaurants here has to adjust the taste to present our Thai food to them.


Anyway, since I’m Thai and I love the real Thai food so I have to find a place where give me an original one and I found it already. A name of this restaurant is Playground. Over there, they have more than 120 menus for you to choose. Even though you don’t like the spicy things but want to try a Thai original foods, believe me go there and you gonna love it. Besides, they always offer a super cheap Thai beer, Singha!, only $3 per bottle. So, let’s give yourself a shot for this restaurant.


Modern Sky Festival: the Chinese-based Music Festival


Miserable Faith, Rock Band from Beijing

For those people who only listen to pop songs in China, they probably do not know this festival. Different from going to a concert, sitting on a seat while watching the show for 2 to 3 hours, involving in music festivals is a way unique experience. Rather than listen to it, we participate in the music with other audiences and there are no seats at all.

Modern Sky festival is the biggest music festival throughout China. Every year it is held in all kinds of venues in more than 20 cities. For instance, the Shanghai Modern Sky Festival 2015 was arranged in Shanghai Expo park with 5 stages, each with its specific name that identifies its music style (metal, hardcore punk, rock, folk and electronic).


New Pants, Rock Band from Beijing

I am a super fan of Chinese rock and folk music. Since I play guitar myself, I like to follow those musicians who play guitar and write their own songs. Most of them were unknown to the public before music festival became popular, but they kept on doing what they were eager for to wait the time that Chinese rock and folk prospered. The public choice did not let them down. After more than ten years of waiting from 1990’s, the dominance of pop music in China finally shivered when rock and folk music started to move to the center on 2009. Modern Sky Festival was introduced at that time.


Gaohu, Lead Singer of Miserable Faith

After 6 years of competing with pop music, Modern Sky music festival has an influential effect on Chinese music style and culture. While the majority is still preferring pop songs, increasingly high numbers of music fans are grabbed attention by rock, punk, heavy metal and folk music that basically had no spot on the market back then. The unique culture has also been brought up. Pogoing, circle pits, moshing, stage diving and surfing are picked up by more and more people among young generations in China.

On October 4th, 2015, Modern Sky festival came to Central Park, New York. Thousands of Chinese music festival fans went to Central Park to watch this historic musical event in a country other than China. The crowd was enthusiastic and excited and I was one of them. We moshed, pogoed and danced while our mother language was amplified through speakers which delivered a culture of our own, on this continent more than 5000 miles from home.

WE love this spirit and what I mean by the word “WE” is this whole generation who have the power and courage to challenge the old. And the word “Music” is also written differently.

A Chinese soft rock song, After Party by New Pants

Three hot Chinese restaurants in NY

As a foodie, did you try the following hot Chinese tasty flavor? Maybe not. Let me give a brief introduction of them.

11. 99 Favor Taste(Asian Buffet)

It offers double flavors, Hot Pot&BBQ. 21.00$ per person unlimited hot pot. Add 9$, you can taste Korean BBQ combo. There have needle mushroom, seafood pancake, fried chicken wings, fried balls, Fuzhou fish balls, fried tofu skin and etc. Order is super fast, service is nice. And if you go on your birthday day, it’s free. 

Here is the address: 285 Grand St, NY 10002

Check the website.

2. Vegetarian Restaurant

I’m not sure how many perso2n would like to try vegetarian diet. Honestly, I’m a Vegan for five months since this year May. I could not remember why I become a vegan. But anyway, if you like eat more veggies, stop by this restaurant which is named Simple Veggie Cuisine. There have vegan beef, broccoli, sweet&sour chicken(really tofu), cedar pancakes, wonton soup, lettuce wraps and etc. Here offers Bento Box which is 8.95$, includes entree, spring roll, two dumplings, veggie appetizers, fruit, salad and soup.

The location is 95-26 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11374

3. Ollie’s(Szechuan flavor)3

Little door near Time square. It owns many BIG Chinese Celebs fans. If you are interested more, we will talk more during class break. Why Chinese Celebs are crazy about this restaurant? I think coz it tastes great. If you wanna explore more unique flavors, try this one.

Here is its address 411 W42nd St, NY 10036

Here is the Menu.

Hope you will enjoy them.

Something about the Film “Dallas Buyers Club”

“Dallas Buyers Club” was a film released in 2013, directed by Jean-Marc. It is from an original screenplay by Craig Borton and Melisa Wallack. The film was about the topic of the AIDS patients and homosexual people in 1980s.IMG_2763

The story happened in Texas. Yes, the “Deep south” area. People there was so conservative. The main character Ron was played by Matthew McConaughey. He won the Oscar awards depend on this film in 2014. This film showed the huge change of Ron’s attitude to the homosexual and AIDS patients. Ron used to be Cowboy and he detested the homosexual extremely. However he got the AIDS accidently and the doctor told him he only had 1 month life to live. Ron rejected the result and finally found a way to get some illegal drugs and cure himself. After that he began to sell the drugs to the AIDS patients and most of them were Gay. In that time if you have AIDS was the same that you were a Gay and no one want people thought they were freak.So if you have AIDS it means like death.  Cause of the illegal drugs they had a chance united as an organization and began to fight for their own rights. In this progress, Ron changed his opinion to this”Gay people”, he tried to accept them and help them defense AIDS and the government. Finally Ron saved countless lives of AIDS patients.IMG_2764

After watched this film, i thought something about “First Prejudice”, people may always prefer to trust their instinct and make some decision so opinionated, and it may make ourselves missed sometimes