7 Irreplaceable Characteristics of the Radio

With the accelerated change of the market, the advantages that belong to the radio industry before are gradually weakening and even disappearing. At first, radio used to be thought as the up-to-the-minute media. However, due to the timely advantage taken on in today’s Internet media itself, television media continuously improve their speed of reporting. Secondly, in the past, radio was the only media to interact. At the present, the media led by the Internet are all digging the interaction resources.

In spite of the great challenge and strike, the broadcast media still has its own irreplaceability. As it concludes, there are 7 irreplaceable characteristics.

  1. Real-time model of transmission

It means that the speed of spreading the advertisements on air is the fastest. The radio can transmit the ads to target consumers within the range information can reach. As long as you turn on the radio, the target can receive immediately.

  1. Universality of transmission range

Because the radio uses the wave to transmit information, the wave is not limited by space and the launch of broadcast technology is relatively easier than TV, the coverage area of the radio is particularly wide and it can reach every corner around the world.

  1. Randomness of the listening way

Listening to the radio is convenient and free because it’s not affected by time and place. No matter it’s daytime or night and where you are and what you are doing, open the radio and you can enjoy.

  1. Diversity of the audience level

Print media requires a higher level in the audience’s culture and education. But the radio can make people with little education understand the content. The target audience of the broadcast media is more diversified.

  1. Low cost of production and broadcasting

Radio’s information capacity is large and charge standard is low in unit time. It’s one of today’s most economical and practical media. The production process is simple and the production cost is low.

  1. The flexibility of the broadcast

Because the radio advertising is one of the shortest production periods in the media, advertising is mainly based on the competitor’s move to adjust their tactical operation and react quickly.

  1. Instigate the audience’s emotion

Radio is transmitted by sound and depends on people’s hearing. It can give the audience infinite space for imaginary and this is what the magic of broadcasting.

In a word, the reason why the radio has not been knocked down is that it has these irreplaceable characteristics.

what is more important? working hard or grabbing the opportunity?

What is more important ? Is it working hard or grabing the opportunity ?  People always say you need to work hard , and when  I was a little kid , the most often my parents say to me is you need to study hard and go to a good university, only that can offer you a good job.  My father was a very strict man, Im very appreciate that he is demanding to me. But now looking back,I realized working hard is not every thing, grabing the chance is much more important in life. Woking hard with your entire life,  standing at the bottom in one company doesnt make sense. I wont say its successful life or career.

Compare to wroking hard ,  I think grabing the oportunity plays more important role in the life no matter what ways. Recently somehow I got in touch with lot old friends and old classmates who I havent been talking with for ages. And many of them were excellent studenst in teachers’ eye before, we shared the stories happened to ourselves, I was surprised to see almost none of them has a excellent job or career path as they were expected to have. on the other hand,, my other friends who I keep contact with are doing good job , some of them are doing business, some are selfemplyee , what make them beyond these good students is that they took the opportunity.

I do agree we need to study hard to some extent, education teaches us the basci morality, that’s the rule surviving in this society. But I wouldnt say to my kids you have to go top university , in stead of which I would let them experience more , bad or good. I would let them go out to see how the world is working instead of sitting in the classroom doing exercise all the time.Maybe that’s why we “bad students” know the market better and know how to take chance , what do you think ?:P

Do Dreams Come True?

And the academy award goes to Priye Alagba! I was amazed at the mention of my name. I knew I  worked hard for this achievement but I was still amazed when I was called. Up from my sit I went; only I couldn’t feel my legs, and I couldn’t move. There it was, the trophy to show all my hard work but still I couldn’t feel my legs.

I was still trying to get to my trophy when I felt a tap on my left shoulder. I tried to shove the hand away because it was disturbing my progress, but the tap was consistent and finally it got my attention. Then I heard my sister’s voice asking me to wake up: it was time for school!

That was seventeen years ago, barely leaving high school for college. But it got me thinking if dreams really come through and the ways people could dream. I have come to know that there are various ways of dreaming. Two prominent ways are the night time dream, and the dreams that relate to one’s own aspirations and ambitions.

But whatever form your dream takes, it still begs the question “Do Dreams Come True?” Answering that question depends on the category of dreamers you belong. If you belong to the first category (i.e, sleep dreamers); it could be tricky because it takes more of your inner self to make it a reality. It would take your believing for such dreams to come to pass. Agreeing with one’s inner self and probably following the instructions given to them in their Dream – This usually comes with a bag load of doubt and you questioning your guts if you should take the instruction – hence the courage and self-belief.

The second category however comes with great responsibility, and requires lots of hard work and determination. It requires one to be ambitious, and be able to muster sufficient courage to defy the odds, and chart a new path for one’s future. This category has become more difficult through the years as the quest of achievement / victory has gone to its zenith! making this thing call ‘dream’ a priceless commodity.

The realization of dreams, to me is what places a man to be either high or low, rich or poor, happy or sad…you name it! and ”when a man stops dreaming he starts dying” that’s why no matter what ‘DREAM’ that didn’t come through one doesn’t give up but keep dreaming. whether you are a sleep dreamer or ambition dreamer, one thing is certain, in achieving any dream requires hard work and one big enemy they share is Laziness (procrastination)

Streamline your life: Is Trello everything we need?

On week 2

So i have been working with a client regarding a program called Trello. This little program at a glance looks a little heavy and a little useless but after reading into it, i think this is a program all demographics of life can get into.

So what is trello, well its a place to organize things, its great for students, employees and just about everyone who lives in a digital life…. and its free. After learning about wikis, this is something that not only resembles a wiki but takes it to a new level, it has a wiki board embedded into it, it has a chat function for your group and a gui that super friendly to use. The program is based on CS5 for small to medium groups that are all working on the same projects and even is syn-cable to phones and tablets for on the go updates. Trello also incorporates the ability to store attachments check lists and pretty much anything that you can think of. Like a wiki, trello also has a history so that you can see whom deleted what.


So what are the negatives of trello after two days of testing….

If you run around a lot to locations without internet you might run into a problem, now a days with the introduction of apps, and wifi every where this should be something that should not bother you. another negative is that im not sure if this will soon be come pay to use program, it is in its infancy but one day maybe it may become something that is paid for almost like a project management app.

All said and done, its free try and settle up on making your life organized, try and minimize and stream line your life. we live in a word of technology lets use it to our advantage.

Basketball Game at Madison Square Garden

Yesterday night I had a very nice American experience seeing a Basketball game at the Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. I went with a friend from France who is in New York this week and she enjoyed the game as much as me. We watch a college game, that was St. John’s versus Xavier Musketeers.

The game was at 8:00 pm so we left my apartment at 7:00 pm because we had 15 minutes walking to reach the stadium. It was very cold and we were happy to be finally inside the Madison Square Garden. Then we had time to buy  something to eat and drink (hot dogs and beers of course). After we found our seats, we were pretty well placed. We had eaten our hot dogs and the game started.

The atmosphere in the stadium was amazing, friendly and overexcited. We were surprised about all the animation around the game, the cheerleaders, the singer, the dancers, the band… We did not have time to be bored!

Finally the local team St John’s won the game that still exited the stadium and we went back home with really good memories of this night.







87th Academy Awards

Let’s talk about the Oscars Ceremony, which occurred this last Sunday evening.  Even if I have heard a lot about this ceremony,  it was the first that I could watch it entirely. Through this post I will certainly compare this ceremony with the french Ceremony, which called Cesars Ceremony, but it is only because it is my reference, not a judgment.

First of all, I am very surprised to see that the stars arrivals on the red carpet were already an event in itself and a show before the show. I don’t know how many journalists and presenters were mobilized to interview each celebrity on the red carpet but it was totally crazy.

At 8:30 sharp, the Ceremony begins. Neil Patrick Harris, the host, appears on the stage and starts a musical show with amazing special effects about Continue reading

Washington DC

I was in Washington during this week end. It was my first time in the capital of the United States. The weather at the beginning of my trip was terrible because it was very cold, with lots of wind, but also lots of snow. To resume the city, it is an interested city thanks to the beautiful monuments and museums. Washington DC is a cultural city. I visited the Washington Monument (Obelisk), The National Art Gallery, National of Natural History, Museum of American History, Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial… and the White House. About culture DC is amazing, but about nightlife and energy I didn’t like because it was very boring and very old. I went in three amazing restaurants, which is called: La Chaumiére (french), OYA (Asian) and Bar Dupont (one of the historic restaurant in DC where all the president came), if you want to have a drink with an amazing view you should go to the roof of the W Hotel, the bar is called POV and you have a beautiful view of all the monuments.


A home away from home!

Dreams.. Well we all have dreams and these are the things which make us leave our home, leave our country, leave our loved ones behind and venture out to achieve our goals. Goals which will take us one step closer to our dreams, pursue it and achieve what we are out to seek. One should always follow their dreams, and go where ever life takes them. It is these new places that enrich us with new experiences, experiences that will last a lifetime.

Living in a new place, a new country is both an exciting as well as a nerve-wrecking experience. A place where everyone is a stranger, no one knows you, and yet a place which can help you nurture your dream, hope for a better tomorrow and make you who you are. Of course you meet new people, learn new things and grow stronger with every passing day but the process of finding a new home, making new friends and creating your own identity can be a grueling one.

An amidst  all of this there comes a time when you really miss the comfort of your home, the presence of your loved ones and you really want to be at someplace where you belong. And after one such hard day I happened to stumble upon The Indian Square. Indian restaurants, Indian food, Indian brands and not to mention Indian people, no wonder it is known as ‘Little India.’

The Indian Street

The Indian Square – Jersey City

Well the people here do not know me either, I am a stranger to them too but there was something that made me feel at ease, something that made me realize that I belong. Well when I think about it now I realize that cultural identity is a strong bond. No matter how much we want to explore new horizons there is something that binds us together and that is the bond of a shared identity. Of course I will make new friends and over a period of time, the bond of friendship will bind us too but I guess till then I will have to do with the Indian street. It truly felt like a home away from home!

Things you must know about Chinese New Year

Happy New Year to all of you!

After watching the new year show in flushing, I suddenly thought of that traditional Chinese new year was becoming one of my “strangers” since I focused more on my friendship and personal business of each year.

Spring Festival, which is one of the most important and significant festivals to Chinese, makes itself such a highlighted party every year in February.

The first thing I want to talk about is the culture of Spring Festival.

Mentioning China, I believe the very first thing comes up of people’s mind will be dragon. It is true that dragon represents a evil image in western culture in the old days. However, in Chinese history, dragon was always a best image to people. If we read most of stories of Chinese dynasties, we will see all the kings called themselves dragon and all ancient armies were all fighting for nothing but the titles of dragon.

Since dragon is one of the most unique and meaningful trademarks of China, people will rely their hope and will on dragon. They believe that dragon can bring them happiness and fortune. When you see Spring Festival decorations in traditional families, the decorations can all related to dragon without any exception.

Customs in China are also very interesting and valuable to be studied. People will gather to have dinner with their family, fire fireworks and visit their best friends. One of the most special and interesting things I want to mention is the story of “Nian”. “Nian” means year in China, and all activities are held because of this term. However, “Nian” is a monster in Chinese fairy tale, which makes a great contrast with the happy new year.

The fairy tale tells that the monster “Nian”, which is a monster cannot be killed, go to people’s house and eat children every February. To drive “Nian” away, people play firecrackers every Spring Festival because their ancestor told them the only thing “Nian” would be afraid of was noise.

What I have just talked about seems wired and impressed, but these are why Chinese new year can be so popular and interesting in China.


The 87th Oscars Ceremony

Yesterday took place the 87th Oscars Ceremony at the Dolby Theatre of Los Angeles. A lot of stars paraded down the rep carpet and hundreds of people came to take pictures with the hope to see their idol.


For the rest of us, us the New Yorkers, there was TV. For this special evening (I’m passionate about cinema, so the Oscars is a big event for me!), I decided not to be a couch potato. With a friend, we went to the Oscars event at the 230 Fifth. Nearly 300 people attended. We were sitted right in front of the giant screen, connected to ABC in order to not miss anything of the ceremony.

8:30pm finally, the ceremony began. And it was a strong start! The host of the ceremony this year was the actor Neil Patrick Harris, who played in the famous TV show How I Met Your Mother. After two or three jokes, the act began to sing and Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect actress, joined him. While no one expected, Jack Black finished the song. This episode officially launched the ceremony.

Powerful and emotional speeches were made by the Oscar-winning actors. I remembered particularly the speech of Patricia Arquette who won the best supporting actress Oscar for her movie Boyhood. She focused her speech on the equality of salary between man and woman who was not always respected in the film industry and more generally in society. The speech aroused a strong and supportive reaction from Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez. Another speech was the one of Graham Moore, who receive the Oscar of the best adapted screenplay for The Imitation Game, who talked about the youth suicide.

The song Glory, heard on the movie Selma and sang by John Legend and Common, received an Oscar for the best original song. When the two singers performed this song on stage, the whole theatre was moved.


The ceremony lasted nearly 3:30 hours. A general fatigue has been felt but the desire to know what was going to be the best film held us all awake. Finally, Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu won the Oscar for his movie Birdman.
To know all the winners of this 87th Oscars Ceremony, here is the official page of the Oscars.