Tribute to all the Mothers out there!

They say ”It’s a man’s world”  but believe me, it’s nothing without a wapril-723028_640oman – especially mothers! The woman, with particular reference to selfless mothers; is an important factor in human existence.
Being a woman is one thing but agreeing and allowing oneself to be a mum goes a long way, because the act of motherhood is a selfless act that demands a lot of courage and guts.

This mothers day brings back memories of my childhood and the numerous sacrifices my mum made to make me who I am today. I remember my mom returning from a hard day’s job and making us dinner, without having to eat anything herself. The sound of her grumbling stomach, as she watched us eat (she having to stay hungry because the meal wasn’t enough for everyone) is a sound I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Yet, in the midst of that hardship, mom wouldn’t forget to pray to God in heartfelt petition, that all would be well with her children.


I knew Mom made huge sacrifices for us  but I didn’t know how much those sacrifices were worth until I became a  mum myself. This experience made me more appreciative, more humbled and more thankful to my mother for keeping me, for not getting rid of me after conception, and for giving me a shot at life’ – life being the ultimate gift!


My mum was a rare gem, she was my star, my moulder and my inspiration – she made me the success I am today. Whenever I remember the Lessons from my mum, I know that I’ll always be on the right path.
Although she left me some six years ago, I know her legacy remains. Though a single mum, she gave me all that i needed to become a good mother to my children – for this I thank her.

For selling her jewelries, so i could be educated, for taking heavy loads to support me in school, for seeing me when everyone else saw my flaws, and for not hesitating to put me right whenever i went wrong way, I  thank you, Mama.
So here is a tribute to all the mothers, grandmothers, and virtuos women out there: you all are truly the best! You are the preservers of posterity and keepers of God’s universe. You truly rock!

And to my mom, all i have to say is  “Adieu Mama, till we meet again”.

Where will U.S TV ratings go?

In the 20th century, after World War II, television gradually replaced  radio and started become one of the most important roles in peoples’ daily life. Soon after, television has become the primary aspect of media until the 21th century. In nowadays, because of the developed technical progress, the appearance of Internet steaming media and advanced Video On Demand system have shifted the ordinary method of television viewing.下载

To investigate people’s viewing trend and decide how to make a suitable TV schedule to earn profit, TV rating measurement appeared. However, as technology progresses, new television viewing methods like internet steaming media and Advanced VOD system changed the traditional TV operation mode , and the measuring method was changing a lot, according to the media development. In the past, most people watched TV in a particular period according to the schedule set up by TV stations, but now people can watched their favorites whenever they liked because they could find the shows online. Under this kind of circumstance, from where I stand, traditional TV rating measuring method was not suitable any more so that TV measurement should go further and more comprehensively, to set up a measuring system that can cover every field, even the new television viewing methods. Nowadays, TV ratings are related to not only schedule, but also how cable TV rents TV programs from main TV stations, and the clipping rate of videos online.

Nielsen Holding N.V. and Rentrak are the two main marketing research companies that focus on TV in the world, which have both set up their own measuring systems, but their systems should be promoted, while the social conditions were always changing a lot. I think it will be better if they can build up a partnership, and the reasons will be talked about in the body part.

Nielsen Holding N.V., whose headquarter is located in New York(USA) and Diemen, is an American leading global information and measurement company. As a household TV ratings collection and analyzing organization, Nielsen, primarily focusing more on TV ratings, has more functions and becomes more comprehensive in media field. Nielsen now has been simplified as an organization which has two simple goals: investigating what customers will buy, and what customers will watch.

Nielsen has a not only specific but also comprehensive measuring system, which focus on different ages, genders, periods and programs. One of the symbols is the National Audience Demographics Report(N.A.D), which is tested monthly. The report tests the household ratings of the whole American according to different ages, sexes and items, such as different territories, household income, county sizes and household education. By investigating these data, people can judge whether a particular program is upscale or not. And that can influence advertisement businessmen and TV stakeholders’ investing trends.

Section of the Nielsen Rating Book(VIC) is another investigating and analyzing index collection to show how different TV channels and programs play in the national media competition. There are six parts in the booklet, which are day-part summary, program averages, time period, persons shares, program index and market data section. The market data section show the investigators the basic information about the household TV ratings market, including universe and penetration estimates, and the sample size, as well as the TV households circumstances of different cities of origin, states and designated market areas and measurement schedules.

Except for the program index, the other four sections are all divided into different genders and ages, but focus on different items. The day-part summary is telling the household rate and share of different TV channels of different periods of the day, while the program averages and time period show people the information about DMA household and ratings of different programs at different time in a day. Besides, the persons shares section is the only section that reveals the detail of shares of different TV channels at different time during a day. And what the program index can indicate is how are the situations of different programs during the past four weeks and three checking points of seasons.

Rentrak, which is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and United State, is a worldwide measurement and research company for the entertainment industry. Rentrak, which is holding VOD viewing information, has developed methods to build up its database for the assessment and entertainment trading with many platforms, such as box office, multi-screen television and home video. The company has tracked viewing action from more than 20 million television and domestic video.

Compared to Nielsen, Rentrak pays more attention on VOD and DVR, named video on demand and digital video recorder respectively. The video on demand system can provide people opportunities to select to watch the videos or listen to the audios they want, instead of being forced to watch the shows and listen to audios at a specific time. Meanwhile, the digital video recorder system allow people to record shows they like into little personal devices. Both systems are offer convenience to people and can be set up in set-top boxes on the top of a television. This is a chance for measurement companies to investigate the household TV ratings much easier, so Rentrak set up its measuring system in the set-top boxes to investigate the household TV rating of every family who use VOD or DVR services.

Facing the dangerous and intense media situations and globalization, Rentrak has made several important and useful decisions to promote itself in the media field. On April 13, 2015, Rentrak announced that it signed a multi-year TV measurement agreement with WUSA9, the Gannett-owned CBS-affiliate in Washington D.C. Rentrak and WUSA9 agreed that WUSA9 will utilize Rentrak’s massive and passive measurement currency, including Rentrak’s single-source Advanced Automotive and Political ratings to understand and demonstrate the value and relevance of their audiences to national and local agencies and advertisers.

Meanwhile, Rentrak was also looking a pattern to enlarge its public relationship and improve its measurement accuracy. On April 2, 2015, Rentrak told reporters that it has signed a TV ratings and automotive segmentation agreement with Discovery Communications. The agreement showed that Discovery would adopt Rentrak’s TV ratings and IHS Polk Automotive data, offering more comprehensive measurement of advertising campaigns running on Discovery’s portfolio of networks.

Nielsen Hold N.V. and Rentrak are competitors because the conflicts of their different functions and rights. Nowadays, TV program have to go through a complex path to get to different audiences. For example, a TV program have to be on a particular channel firstly, and then can be played on other channel. After that, the video can be play online charged, and then for free. There is a order for it.

Starting out distributing videocassettes and using data from cable set-top boxes, Rentrak Corporation was challenging Nielsen in the developing business of relating television viewership with customer information of particular households.“The competition on the research front is the most intense it’s ever been,” said David Poltrack, chief research officer for CBS Corporation, which had signed protocols with both Nielsen Holding N.V. and Rentrak Corporation.

Unlike Nielsen, whom is holding the most of TV ratings, Rentrak is a multiple and new television viewing industry, which can investigate and integrate the more complex TV rates in a more comprehensive way, compared to Nielsen. However, even the viewing method has changed because of the modern society, Nielsen still has two advantages. The first one is that it can help old people a lot. Most of old people are not able to use new television viewing methods such as internet steaming media and advanced VOD system, because new television viewing methods are more different to be operated. Besides, watching TV with family was a public habit since long time ago, especially to those old people who had great relationship with their family. This is also an important and significant way for them to communicate with their family. Meanwhile, Nielsen is holding the major television rating, which means that it holds the primary source of ratings of TV most TV programs. Also, because of the Must Carry Rule which was published by Federal Communications Commission(FFC) in 1970s, all of the cable TV could carry on the broadcast signal, at the same time, Nielsen’s rating area has grained by the Federal policy.

However, people are becoming much busier now because of their works and entertainment life, so they rely more on new television viewing methods, which are much more convenient to them. They sometimes cannot watch their favorite shows on a particular time, so the measurement data held by Rentrak becomes more important now. As a matter of fact, Nielsen has made some mistakes while some of their old-fashion methods are not working.

Nielsen felt heat as rival and should promote its digital measurement. “Nielsen needs to step up its game,” said Alan Wurtzel, the president of research and media development at NBC universal, which is owned by Comcast Corp. ComScore claimed that it is able to provide what the industry demanded: a very easy method which could tell how many people were watching a TV show across any media platforms, including live and time-shifted TV, video-on-demand, and online streaming.

For the Winter Olympics in 2012, NBC measured how people across the U.S. are following its coverage not just on television, but also on tablets, cellphones and personal laptops. Instead of asking Nielsen HOLDING N.V., a powerhouse in television ratings, for help, the company turned to ComScore Inc., which had better skills to track digital media.

With more people watching television online and the demand of pay-television service, television networks are looking for new methods to view. Some television executives claimed that Nielsen Holding N.V. was not capturing the correct size of their audiences.

Nielsen Holding N.V. needs to progress its measuring systems to adjust the new social conditions, and it has aware of that and begin to fix that problem. Nielsen said that it was working on its own plan to add mobile-device viewing to its television rating at fall term 2014.

Because the online media is becoming more popular and the major stage of media information to people, the data held by Rentrak influences data held by Nielsen so strongly.

After learning such complicated social conditions of media measurement and relationship between different digital measurement companies including Nielsen Holding N.V. and Rentrak Corporation, it seems that there might be a solution to this problem, and it might also be one of the ways Nielsen and Rentrak could go.

It seems that Nielsen Holding N.V. is not able to survive that easily while facing so many shocks from the specific social situations and other digital measurement companies. As a matter of fact, as one of the old-fashion television ratings companies, Nielsen has an advantage that most of digital measurement companies does not have, which is its large and basic database of audiences of different ages and groups of people, because of the longest period its television rating observation.

Although Nielsen was shocked by other new digital measurement companies, it still had this most unique condition in its hand. I do think it can be a chance that Nielsen can use this advantage as a condition to corporate with other digital measurement companies. Nielsen can provide a very large and original media database to other digital measurement companies like Rentrak and use these digital measurement companies’ new rating systems and conceptions to achieve better goals. I do think none of them will lose profits or reputation and it will be such a win-win strategy to all of them.

However, it seems that Nielsen do not want to compromise that. “We welcome competition if someone wants to come and challenge us on these things,” said Megan Clarken, Nielsen’s executive vice president of global product leadership.

As a matter of fact, the TV measurement will go to corporation and integration. Corporation, which is caused by the globalization, is bound to take place in the future, or can be said that has already happened now, but still have not been popular. Nielsen, Rentrak and some other TV measurement or media companies were looking for chances to be standing together during the past few years. It will be a trend of most TV measurement and media companies in the future.

One of the reasons the idea came out of my mind is that the media market in American, even in the world was becoming more and more complicated, so that some entrepreneurs of TV measurement and media companies  began to enlarge their relations for a safer circumstance, and avoid cruel fights with each other.

Both Nielsen and Rentrak want to make sure that each of their data is accurate, and they both have to follow the natural rules of media development, so they will corporate eventually, because the multiple development of American TV is not a changeover, but a fact.

Loving it!

3101647834_0375f43ff1_oI still remember the first day of class, when the Professor told us that we have to right one blog every week. I was devastated. You heard it right. For someone who has never written a line on her own, that can be a pretty devastating news. Right to the point where I started thinking that probably I have taken a wrong class, this class is so not for me. A tiny thought of giving up the course also popped up into my mind.

But after giving it some thought, I realized isn’t this exactly the reason why I am here. To learn a new skill, explore new things and to find my true calling. What if I have never done this before, what if I don’t know how to write, what if I am not good at it? At the most I will end up with a bad score, but that’s it. Not like it is going to change my life forever.

And now when I think about it, I am so glad that I didn’t back out then. I decided to take the challenge and I have to say I am loving it. I may not be good, I may not even take it up professionally but I love what I am doing. Blogging has given me an outlet to express how I think, what I feel, talk about stuff that I really care about or just ponder over random things.

One thing is for sure, it has given me a new identity, helped me figure out who exactly I am. I believe that blogging is an creative outlet just like any other art form. It doesn’t matter what other people have to say about your writing, but it definitely makes you feel a lot lighter when you sit down for a few minutes and pen down your deepest thoughts, your doubts and aspirations and vent out your anger. I think me and blogging will go a long way.

Happy blogging folks and for everyone else who enjoyed it as much as I did.. Keep Writing!

Where are you going in summer part Ⅱ– Food

Last week I introduced some nice places where in Qinghai, and I’m very glad because some friends comment that they want to visit there. Speaking of travel which makes our to think about food. And yes, it’s a very important part to someone who love traveling. Ir’s part of culture. I’m not Elizabeth Gilbert so I can’t write a good book or article like”Eat, Pray, Love”. But I will try my best and show you guys what I like and famous food in Qinghai.

First of all, most of people  in Qinghai like street food rather than go to some expensive restaurant.  We really like spicy because the very in Qinghai is cold even in summer is not warm, and in order to keep ourselves warm we eat spicy food. Because Qinghai is in Northwest, and the food there is quite similar with Xi’an if any friends went to eat  Xi’an Famous Foods before you will know.

1. Lamb shashlik



I’m always a big fan of meat, and Qinghai’s lamb is very famous in China. Those lamb shashlik restaurants are almost owned by Muslim people. The cost isn’t that cheap compare to anther foods in Qinghai, but it still cheap to you guys. If you ordered that much like the picture and only cost you about 40 dollars.  The lamb shashlik  restaurants open from 5:00 PM till 2:00 in the midnight, and we usually go there at 9:00 PM and order some beers too.

2. Mian Pian


I don’t know how to introduce this and even a lot of people who are not come from Qinghai  don’t know what Mian Pian is. It looks like a kinds of Chinese noodles but we don’t think so. This is not spicy but if you want you can put so. And it’s very cheap just 2 or 3 dollars.

3. Lanzhou Ramen


I don’t know why Japanese Ramen is famous in NY. I believe the origin of Ramen is China, even though Wikipedia said that ”the origin of Ramen is unclear. In Japanese Ramen is ”ラーメン” and its in Katakana, Japan only use Katakana when the words are from overseas. (I’ve been lived in Japan for four years, so I know). Which means this word is from outside instead of Japan. And actually Ramen has Kanji, yes it’s Mandarin.

Sorry guys, too much about origin things. I know it sounds weird to Chinese that Lanzhou is not in Qinghai but still introduce Lanzhou Ramen. Lanzhou and Qinghai are really near like Jersey City and New York, so our food have a lot common. Lanzhou Ramen in Qinghai is tasty too.


Let’s Go Yanks!

Last weekend, I went (finally) to a baseball game at the famous Yankee Stadium. I was lucky for my first game to see the Yankees VS. the Mets, both New York teams.

The Yankee Stadium is a huge building. There are four floors with over IMG_705650 000 seats. Large screens are used to watch the game more closely for those who are placed at the top of the stadium. All seats are equipped with cup holders. I love it! This is so genius. The glasses are also at the image of the Yankees. It was a shame to leave them here so we brought them home. It’s gonna be good memories! The Yankee Stadium is also an American show. Among the hymns sung by the fans, the fun games on the screens between innings, and voices to set the mood in the stadium, you cannot get bored!

Just out of the subway, the atmosphere was already there. All the fans were here, hurrying to get to their seats before the beginning of the match. Fortunately, we planned to arrive early! After taking pictures, visiting the Yankees’ shop, and admiring the field, we found our seats pretty easily and luckily we were replay well placed. the view was beautiful! Armed with our Yankees foam hands, we tried to understand the rules of the game but it’s not that simple. Between « ball », « strike », and « out », it’s disturbing!

The game lasted more than three hours! Unfortunately, the Yankees lost the game with a score of 7-2, but had won the game the day before. They also won the final the next day with a score of 4-6.

This afternoon was really great; we were well entertained and we felt a little more Americans! The whether was also wonderful and we enjoyed the sun. When is the next game??


Visit Coney Island this summer!

Coney Island in Brooklyn is a curious and fun place to visit. It has a very rich history and many things to do. By beach standards, I have to admit it is a bit dirty, but it is very easy to get here and the boardwalk and pier are wonderful to walk along. The D,F,N, and Q trains all go to the Coney Island – Stillwell Avenue stop which is just across the street from the ocean.


There’s the famous Cyclone rollercoaster that was built in 1927,  and Deno’s Wonder Wheel to ride, as well as plenty of new, fun rides that have gone up in Luna Park. Aside from the Cyclone there is a new rollercoaster called Thunderbolt that begins by going straight up and coming straight back down. You will never get me on that, but it’s fun to watch people ride and hear them scream. Other thrill rides have recently been added as well: Steeplechase where you ride a horse around the looped tracks, Soarin’ Eagle where you can feel as if you are a flying bird, and there is also now a Go – Kart track. There are games to play like Whac-a-Mole, Water Racer, and located in the Luna Arcade is my favorite game of all – Skee-Ball!


There are plenty of yummy things to eat as well, you can find my favorites there such as Fried Oreos and Funnel cakes, but also ice cream, cotton candy, pizza, burgers, fries, corn on the cob and fried clams. The original Nathan’s Famous hot dog stand is also still there. They serve hot dogs, hamburgers, chili cheese fries, beer, soda and even frog legs! On July 4th every year they have a hot dog eating contest that thousands of people attend. Also, sometime in June, they will begin having free fireworks on the beach every Friday up until about the end of August. I love to go to these. You can see the fireworks from anywhere along the beach and you can sit wherever you want. It’s a wonderful way to spend a Friday night, listening to the sounds of the midway and watching the waves before the fireworks begin. I would highly recommend visiting here at least once because it’s well worth your time!

Apple Watch : first defects!



The Apple Watch, the long-awaited Apple SmartWatch was launched in April 10th. For the first time, Apple only offers the online sales in order to buy is new product. It’s very surprising for the Apple fans, who normally lined up one week before the launch of each product in order to possess it. Moreover, Tim Cook did not mentioned the fact that it will be only an online sales during the Keynote on March 9th.

The delivery of the apple watch is taking more time than expected. Indeed, according to The Wall Street Journal, a main component of the Apple Watch made by a suppliers was defective. This issue limit the availability of the new product. However, certain celebrities already receive and wear the watch such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Karl Lagerfeld, Drake, Kid Cudi, Anna Wintour, Pharrell William, and co.

Another defect was noticed the week. In fact, the Apple Watch does not work on people with wrist tattoos. Apple does not seem to have anticipated this issue. On very dark tattoos, the sensors on the back of the watch do not function correctly. However, these sensors are really important because the Apple Watch functions in relation with our skins. Because of the tattoos, the watch does not detect the skin, and so constantly disconnect. Apple watch’s owners with wrist tattoos must constantly re enter their code in order to use the watch. Moreover, the heart rate sensor also does not work for the same reason.

Only one possible solution for the Apple watch’s owners with wrist tattoos: wear the Watch on the other wrist. For the other, just wait for the 2nd generations, because I’m sure that Apple will find the solution for this issue

NYC Retrospect

I have been in NYIT Manhattan campus for almost one year and my life here is far more exciting than what I expected before I came here. I lived in the student resident house on 8th Ave now. I believe this is a very nice apartment not only because of the good security and the other wonderful facilities in this building, but also because of the location. It is very convenient for me to go to everywhere from my dorm. There are 24 hour supermarkets, Chinese restaurants, world-class galleries just near the building. It also only takes my 20 minutes to go school or Chinatown by the underground. Every night, I can see the empire state building through the windows in my dorm. I am dare to go back to my dorm alone in 11pm without worrying about my safety too much.
I remembered the first day we came to the Manhattan campus. None of us know anything about New York. However, there is a student ambassador showed up and led us all the way to the school. Not long after that, I received a phone call from my NYIT professor in China. He asked me about how my life  is going so far and he recommended me some good places to have Chinese food in the New York city. I feel really warm because of his phone call and his advice helped me a lot. Because of so many people’s help, I think even you are very new to this city, you will have nothing to worry about.

what’s new in business world

BlackBerry signed a deal to acquire document security company, WatchDox, for a price estimated at US$70 million by the Wall Street Journal. With the acquisition of WatchDox, BlackBerry would have capabilities to secure communications end-to-end from voice, text, messaging, data and now enterprise file-sync-and share.

WatchDox is able to make files secure and users productive. The products enable enterprises to secure their files wherever they are against widespread threats, and to facilitate collaboration while protecting files wherever they go ( In my opinion, this acquisition would be beneficial not only for the company’s self-development, but also to compete with others in data security field.

The security service provided by WatchDox is object-oriented to medicine, law, health care, finance and also industries regulated by government. The constant expansion of the data security could help BlackBerry obtain more collaboration and communication with others. BlackBerry, as a company which was seriously imperilled in 2013, requires more business chances to fill in the previous loss.

It was always said, in the early time, that BlackBerry would be acquired by other competitors. I think it just shows that BlackBerry has its own unique value in the mobile market. Apple and Google occupy the absolute advantages on the base of the intelligent mobile phone industry. Product differentiation is an essential choice in response to the fierce competition for BlackBerry, who is the only remaining among the few independent complete ecosystems. In addition, BlackBerry’s advantage on mobile phone security, which has spent 10 years perfecting, is second to none. The acquisition of WatchDox is useful to strengthen BlackBerry’s advantage on data security.

The development of the whole company depends on the information security. The improvement of data security is supposed to be added into the company’s long-term programmes.

Samsung buys LoopPay: put technology into mobile payment

According to a report last year, Samsung plans to incorporate LoopPay’s technology in an upcoming flagship phone, likely the Galaxy S6. Now, it is confirmed that “Samsung has acquired LoopPay, a mobile payments company whose technology could allow it to build a viable Apple Pay competitor.” This multinational acquisition will drive the company to lead mobile commerce market through the help of developing the mobile wallet with the most secure experience for users.

In response to the falling market share (which dropped 9 percent last year in Chinese market), Samsung is intended to have a fundamental reform not only to the product line, but also the technology applied in its new products.

Data the People’s Bank of China released recently shows that with the rapid growth of mobile payment business, the amount increased 134.30% year on year in 2014. The current situation provides a big opportunity for mobile commerce market. How to grasp the opportunity has become a primary problem for the Samsung group.

In order to win a place in the mobile commerce market, there are several recommendations for Samsung. Firstly, it needs to focus on cultivating the users’ habits of using mobile payment as well as carrying out abundant value-added services. Mobile payment is a kind of cross-industry business. It is important for Samsung to better promote more industry cooperation. In addition, although there is a potential development space for mobile payment, the security for mobile payment is a huge challenge in the process of broadening the business. Apart from the payment confirmation though binding the mobile phone number and message authentication code, Samsung also requires to set up high-level safety protections for mobile payment services as well as application platform to prevent malicious code and virus attacks.

To conclude, the acquisition of LoopPay would strengthen Samsung’s overall efforts to provide users with seamless, safe and reliable mobile wallet solutions with the following development.