A Twist for Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner. A lot of parties have started since October 25th but that does not mean there will not be ‘official’ trick or treat on October 31st. However, consider the weather will be a little bit cold this Friday then parents might consider preparing gloves or sweaters for the little ones while they go trick or treating from one house to another. Or if you actually live inside a huge apartment building, you can definitely escape the cold at night by just trick or treating in the building. I’m pretty sure your kids will get plenty of candies to munch on later next day.

Many people decorated their houses months before Halloween and plenty of those houses have magnificent light and sound shows. Every time I look at these decorations and lights, my mind started thinking, “wow, they surely are preparing to pay at least $1,000 for their electric bill”. I am always tempted to decorate at least something for my apartment but years and years passed by and the only decoration you will find at my place is two carved Jack-0-lanterns and 3-4 Halloween cards. Not that I’m lazy or what but in the end, all those Halloween decorations will be in the trash can and I probably won’t use it next year.

Speaking of Halloween lights show, I really like Steve Jandick‘s videos and how he puts his own ideas for his house’s Halloween light shows. I have picked 4 of his videos for 2014 Halloween Light Shows and they are just outstanding.

Now, who doesn’t love Michael Jackson’s Thriller?! This song will and always going to be number 1 favorite for Halloween.

I love Bohemian Rhapsody and boy, this light show and the coordination is beyond perfection! Steve really paid attention even to the smallest detail.

This is a less frightening version — I would say not as heavy as Thriller and Bohemian Rhapsody but still enjoyable.

I was skeptical at first because I don’t think Lady Gaga’s song will be perfect for Halloween but I guess this one is an exception.

It probably takes months and months of preparation for somebody to do light show  for their house because not only it drains the budget but also they have to consider the neighbor as well. Nevertheless, any types of lights show — be it for Halloween or Christmas — are always amazing and can be a great entertainment for both kids and adults.

So, Have a Happy Halloween!


This was taken yesterday when I came back home. Apparently my 1st floor neighbors are so prepared for this week’s Halloween.

5 Cult Halloween Movies

As Halloween approaches the time to bust out the Netflix and scour it’s archives for a seasonal favorite is upon us. Though I am a fan of many of the older classics, and of the newer more gruesome remakes there is a good amount of cult classics that put a new spin on the genre of horror. Just in time for Halloween here are just a few of some highly rated and overlooked Halloween movie titles.


1. Shaun of the Dead.

Shaun of the dead is a modern day British spoof of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. In my opinion it brought back today’s infatuation with zombie flicks. The movie adds a new spin to horror movies in which it employs a heavy dose of black humor. The movie’s plot follows Shaun a down and out 20-something year old who works a dead end job living with his slacker best friend. After experiencing the zombie outbreak as well as a few hard life truths from various colleagues and family, Shaun and his best friend embark on a journey to rescue and win back his ex-girlfriend, save his mum and make it to their favorite pub in time for happy hour, all while outlasting the outbreak. The movie serves as a less intense and more fun way to watch horror movies for those who find some of the particular genres too intense.


2. Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil drew my attention on Netflix at first when I stumbled upon it’s plot description. This movie breaks the horror movie paradigm by showing the side of the supposed “bad guys”. The movie does a good job in the intro sequence of misleading the viewers by showing a murder sequence then a duo of deranged hillbillies and finally hard partying college kids. Perfect horror plot; foreshadowing an event, introducing the possible murderers and as every good scary movie usually has, a bunch of young adults going to camp at a cabin. The movie then takes a turn as we find the hillbillies to be a couple of unkept but lovable friends just wanting to camp at a cabin themselves. The college kids however have seen enough horror films to know that if you look like murderous hillbillies you must be. The movie goes on to show wildly coincidental accidents and encounters between the two groups that make each of them think the others are the real murderers. This movie is one of the hidden comedy gems that breaks the mold of modern horror flicks introducing the clean cut, preppy and educated all-american group of friends as the antagonists and the dirty and deranged backwoods rednecks as the protagonists.


3. Evil Dead.

The Evil Dead is the first movie of director Sam Raimi whom is popular for the original Spider-man franchise as well as the recently released Oz: The Great and Powerful. The movie which was shot by Raimi and a couple of friends on a Super 8 camera follows the cliche horror movie plot line of a couple of young adults who decide to camp at an abandoned cabin in the woods only to raise the dead and have to fight back. The movie itself is a low budget amateur film consisting of laughable jump scares, at times unbearable acting and lackluster effects, however embodies the saying something so bad to watch it’s good. The movie however amateur made makes for great fun and multiple viewings once you get into it.


4. Re-Animator.

Re-Animator one of the more gory and violent movies on the list and delves more into the science fiction horror genre instead of the more black humor areas that I have reviewed about. The movie follows that of a mad scientist medical student to has found a medical agent that can reanimate dead tissue (hence the title). So keeping with a common theme of my blog post this reanimating agent ultimately makes zombies out of those whom are injected with the serum. Medical student Herbert West takes up residence with fellow student Dan Cain who together seek to become the greats of their class after West’s new serum, however the reanimation of the corpses that they start testing their serum on don’t merely come back into their previous conscious, they become tenacious blood thirsty zombies. This movie follows a format of more serious horror fun and for those who look to more of a thrill in their movie scenes will definitely enjoy the gruesome zombie movie moments of this flick.


5. Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice fares as one of the best Tim Burton films in my book, a man who reinvented what a weird movie could be. The plot follows a recently deceased couple, the Maitlands, whom are unaware of their mortality status and now must share there house with a family of snooty city dwellers, the Deetzes. Looking to rid there house of the new owners they contract the help of Beetlejuice a fellow ghoul who fancies himself a professional “haunter”. However, when the newly contracted ghoul deems to be too much and the new homeowners too clever, the Maitland’s leave there fate in the hands of the Deetzes daughter Lydia, who acknowledges the Maitlands as more family then her actual family ever meant to her. Beetlejuice is a bizarre movie full of corny clay animated comic horror which proves to be fun for any age.

Call Me Crazy…Breaking Bad Figurines for Kids?


The hit show, “Breaking Bad” has come out with character figurines, complete with accessories; a bag of dope and a bag of cash. These controversial toys were to be sold in Toys R Us stores everywhere, but thanks to a concerned and vocal parent, Susan Schrivjer of Florida, the toys have been pulled – for now. One of the starring actors, Aaron Paul who plays the character of the figurine shown above has also started a petition in favor of these toys for sale at Toys R Us, and he seems to already have outnumbered Ms. Schrivjer’s petition of 9,000 plus signatures with just under 30,000 signatures in favor of the doll.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. I wouldn’t be surprised if Toys R Us gives in and puts the dolls back on the shelves. After all, we do live within a free enterprise system, where individuals and businesses are free to buy and sell whatever they want. And we know, even those that never watched an episode of “Breaking Bad,” how immensely successful the show has been and how the sale of anything related to that show will make tons of money. So, what or who really, will determine if these toys stay off the shelves or not? Considering there are real-looking, toy guns sold at Toys R US stores, video games exploiting women and promoting violence, figurines of other villains and their weapons. Where do we draw the line?
For me, personally, this is a no brainer. I without a doubt agree that this doll should not be sold, and in toy stores to say the least. I believe it is inappropriate and contradicting for Toys R Us to endorse and to appear to uphold what the character represents – a drug dealer that works to inundate a community with meth with no regard or remorse to the consequences that terrible and debilitating drug will have on those that consume it.
Do you think the doll should be sold at Toys R Us as it is just a toy like the many others they sell of the same genre? Or not, as the sales of these types of toys would go against their premise of family and community?

Ebola panic strikes NYC

It’s official: Ebola has hit NYC. The first diagnosed Ebola patient was admitted to Bellevue Hospital. The patient is Craig Spencer, a 33 year-old doctor who returned just a few days ago from Guinea where he treated Ebola patients for Doctors Without Borders. Since his return in New York, the man has taken the subway, went bowling, and out to dinner. That was enough to spark panic and alarm among NY citizens. All newspapers have made this their headlines, it’s all over the news and social media. It seems as though New York just suffered an epidemic decimating millions of people already! Only one person was detected with the disease, and it can only be transmitted through bodily fluids, so unless the dude has kissed you, sneezed or vomited on you, or gave you blood, there’s absolutely no reason you might be infected! This panic needs to stop and people need to take a chill pill!

Also, since its outbreak in West Africa, Ebola has caused (officially) 4,877 deaths so far, and over 10,000 cases. The situation in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone is absolutely terrible right now and the weak healthcare structure does not help. It is an extreme human disaster that has been going on over there since more than three months. Thousands have died already, and thousands are at risk in West Africa, children, mothers, fathers, elders are dying. But the Western world does not really give a single care about that, not until it affects our own little American world. One case, and it’s the end of the world.
To summarize the situation :



The Plastics

As we all know, plastic surgery is one of America’s top addictions.  Celebrities and normal people alike, are embarking on this trend. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 15.1 million procedures were conducted in 2013, which is a 3% increase from 2012. Why do we feel this sudden urge to look like someone else? To be perfect? Are we as a society becoming more and more insecure? I know as teens we all go through a phase where we literally hate everything about ourselves. Our hormones make us breakout, our hair is impossible to manage, our bodies are developing, and on top of it, everything feels like an earth-shattering scenario. But, we were teens. When do we grow up and just accept who we are? Can we ever embrace our flaws?

I suppose the answers aren’t so easy. The housewives’ shows on Bravo only makes things worse. Nose reshaping, breast implants, tummy tucks, facelifts, fillers, chemical peels..the list goes on. The end results look so fake it’s disturbing. The skin on celebrity’s faces are sometimes tight that they can’t even smile. Besides, the health risks associated with these surgeries are serious. Blood clots, reactions to anesthesia, and sometimes death can result because of complications during a surgery.

I’ve already decided that there is no way I would ever even think about injecting silicon in my body, and getting any cosmetic procedure done. I’m already taking good care of my skin now. I purchase natural, paraben-free skin products from Lush, only drink water, and get facials every 3 months. When I get old, I want to embrace it; not run away from it and pretend to look like I’m 20 years younger. You CAN be beautiful and older, without covering it up and getting risky procedures done.

I understand that breast reconstruction and scar revision procedures can be positive, and help boost confidence in people. I don’t oppose to these types of surgeries, simply because they can empower men and women who have gone through cancer or traumatic accidents. Those particular procedures can help them win their lives back.

You wanna look good in 20 years? Start taking care of yourself NOW. Drink a lot of water, cut out all soda,  and eat fruits and vegetables. Use only natural skin care products, and make sure your skin is moisturized. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and avoid smoking. (crow’s feet anyone?) Limit your sugar intake, avoid processed foods, and stay out of the sun AND tanning beds as much as possible. Remember to focus on maintaining a positive mental state and keep yourself in check. Once you’re happy with yourself, you start caring less about what other people think.

The best remedy for cold weather

You may all have noticed that the cold weather is slowly settling in, we pulled out the warm sweaters and scarves, the pumpkinsoupcomfy socks, and the pumpkins are out. Speaking of pumpkins, what better way to warm ourselves up than a pumpkin soup? Actually, a pumpkin soup… with a twist! I carry this recipe from my French mom, and this recipe actually has nothing french to it, but it’s the best to slowly sip on, wrapped in a blanket, during those cold evenings. And it’s also super easy to make!
First, slice up some onions and let them slowly simmer with some chicken broth and a bit of olive oil. While this cooks, dice up your pumpkin (you can even add some butternut squash too, it will add some creamy into it). Add the diced pumpkin into the mixture, and let cook on low, then add some coconut milk (easy to find, usually canned), and some curry powder (only a few bucks in the spice section). Let it all simmer on low for all the flavors to mix. Then pour the contents in a blender to get a smooth sexy texture!
Last step: enjoy and make some more!

Life Without A Phone for A Week!!

Last week my boyfriend droppne on the floor and cracked my screen to the point of no return. I was devastated… So mad I almost cried! He instisted that once I was finish working we could go out and buy a new phone…  All I could think about was not being able to get on instragram and Facebook.. How I wouldn’t be able to read finish reading that text that just came through on phone… How when I’m bored I wouldnt be able to spend his money online… I just knew this was the ending of the world for me.


Once I got off work he asked me if I wanted to go outside and get a phone and surprisingly I was shocked by the NO that came out ofmy mouth. He said “what do you mean NO… What are you going to do without a phone”.. I said ” I’m tired of the world.. I’m going to take a break from everyone and everything and give my brain a rest.. I’ll buy a new phone Friday.. I really couldn’t believe I just said I was going to go from Monday to Friday… A whole week without a phone.. I knew this was going to be a challenge for me because my phone was my life.. I honestly did this challenge for myself because I truly believe it is just ridiculous with how much the Internet, my phone and other media outlets take up my time.. Every second I’m looking in my phone to see what’s going on on a social network reading a blog. Maybe somewhere inside of me I was looking for the human interaction that we no longer receive like we use too.. Like how it use to be in the 90’s, before the Internet took over our lives. When we use to really enjoy another person company and not have to look at our phone every 2 seconds.. When I would buy a newspaper and read it instead of opening the app on my phone. Boy do I miss those days…

Although I miss the old days… I have to say, I cannot live without my phone.. I have to adapt with how our world is revolving and make sure that I stay in the loop… Lol! So Friday morning bright and early… I woke up and went to buy a new phone. I was actually the first person in the sprint store.. Lol.. I ended up getting an IPhone 6 (wish sucks, but that a whole different blog) because it just didn’t make since to pay $200 for an old phone when I can have the latest phone out!

5 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is only one week ahead. I’m so excited for this holiday, because we don’t celebrate this holiday in China. Though we do have Halloween theme parties at bars and clubs, it’s still not that a big deal. I’ve always been wondering how it real looks like in America. I’ve already seen some interesting decorations outside some apartments, which made me feel even more curious about this holiday. So I’m planning  to join a party, and visit a haunted house next week. And I also decided to get a costume for myself! But I’m still looking for cool costume ideas and trying to figure out which one should I go with.

Here I’ve found some real creative and inspiring costume ideas.

Jack and Sally

These costumes are both handmade; and the mask is made of papier-mache and filler.

Photo credit: Mnemousyne

Photo credit: Mnemousyne


Half Sweeney Todd, half Mrs. Lovett

This one is so brilliant, that I don’t think everyone can accomplish a costume like this. This one is from a burlesque performer.


Photo credit: VitaDeVoid


Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

This amazing jaw which was made of latex was also made by the performer. The teeth actually moved with her mouth.

Photo credit: zombieite from flickr

Photo credit: zombieite from flickr


René Magritte’s The Son of Man

This effortless costume is so resembled to the original painting.


Photo credit: unknown


Zombie Audrey Hepburn

This makeup artist did a lot of zombie looks. This one is the most “elegant” one.


Photo credit: freakmo from imgur

Annex - Hepburn, Audrey (Breakfast at Tiffany's)_21

I have to say these costumes are all super professional. As I’m not that talented at makeup and handicraft, I’ll probably just get a costume from the store. ;)

Kim Kardashian: the dopest of the ropest

Kim Kardashian is a well known reality TV star who stars in Keeping up with the Kardashians. She is also very much into fashion, modeling, and of course selfies. The bombshell turned 34 years old on October 21 and of course she will be having tons of birthday festivities.kim k

MTV and US magazine both dug up some videos of Kim at the age of 14. She clearly had a lot to say especially when referring to herself as the “dopest of the ropest”. She also goes on to say that we will be remembering her as this beautiful little girl. What makes this story more ironic is that her spouse Kanye West tweeted ” Happy birthday to the dopest wife and mom”. Kanye also has a famous quote that says “My life is dope, I do dope sh*t”.

Kim Kardashian will be celebrating her birthday in Tao Las Vegas this upcoming Friday. She is currently on a surprise weekend getaway that she currently just uploaded on Instagram. I guess we could conclude this by saying that somethings never change. We will be seeing Kim Kardashians beautiful face everywhere. We will also be seeing her face much more and not on Instagram. Kim Kardashian will also be releasing a selfie book later this year.

Good Music? Bring it back to the 90’s!

Today’s music has gotten to be out of hand. Although, I guess you can say that it depends on what genre you listed to. If you choose to download your own music, you’re in the clear, because only then are you in control of what you listen to. Though, when you listen to the radio you will get bombarded with what the radio considers “popular” music. Of course, you will find yourself bopping to the tunes; But only because the beat is good. What about the words? Well, they seem to not mean much now a days. They don’t have truth, and I don’t find them to say anything relatable; unless you consider Taylor Swifts lyrics words of wisdom… “Cuz the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.” Which I guess is true. But, lets take it back about 20 years, if you want to listen to something that is actually good, songs that tell a story, and words that actually make sense. Here is a list of 90’s music that you will find surprisingly enjoyable.

1. All for You – (Sister Hazel)

2. Drive – (Incubus)

3. Slide – (Goo Goo Dolls)

4. Father of Mine – (Everclear)

5. All The Small Things – (Blink 182)