Christopher Columbus ship may have been found

Talk about a blast from the past. A world renowned explorer may have found the famed explorer’s missing ship. An explorer named Barry Clifford reported that he has used data from Christopher Columbus journals to locate the wrecked ship. For centuries the ship was missing before it is believed to be located in 2003. If this is the missing ship, I think that it is great that someone has founded one of history’s greatest mysteries. There have been many other explorers that have been trying to find this missing ship for centuries. Since this ship is possibly located maybe this discovery can give history buffs along with the world answers and clues to what happened leading up to the wreck and the people that was on the boat. What I would like to know if there were any survivors that lived through that or did they all die instantly? Hopefully with the advances of technology many more of histories greatest mysteries will be solved.

Spring semester is almost over

It’s official. The spring semester is almost over. Who here at school is happy about this? I know I am. Everyone I know and talk to basically says the same thing. This semester was either crazy or weird. I don’t know if it has to do with the crazy weather that we had, along with school cancellations and snow days or what. Granted this semester has been busy for everyone but at the same time this semester has been nothing short of hectic. Even a few of the professors that I speak to said the same thing, that they can’t wait for this semester to be done with. Usually the spring semester is somewhat more normal than the fall semester, but this semester was more chaotic than the fall semester. Hopefully people could be able to relax come the summer.

Judge upholds $62 million malpractice verdict

A woman who lost both of her legs in a botched gynecological procedure at Winthrop University Hospital in Long Island scored another victory in court. Usually I am not for big payouts in lawsuits but this one I am actually very happy with. i have always felt that when you go to a hospital you have an expectation that you would have a successful surgery. I understand that doctors and surgeons are not god in any way but some of these doctors and surgeons i wonder about. Some of these doctors work crazy hours with no rest at all and that’s where the mistakes come in. I always said that doctors work too many hours and don’t get enough rest. There’s just two things that I wonder about this verdict: One, where will this money come from? and two, how would she get this money?

Man leaves daughter in car and baby dies

This is something that I truly do not get. How does people manage to forget that their kids are in the car when they get out. I have seen too many of these cases in the news in the past year. I understand that people do tend to get wrapped up in life and the crazy things that come along with it but come on when do people forget. Most people that have children will go straight to the back seat of a car when they park. I know when I have kids in the car with me I keep looking back to make sure that they are okay. When the car stops and I get out, the first thing I do is go to the back and get the kids out. Maybe I am missing something. If anyone has kids can you please explain this to me? I’m just curious.

Man jumps in front of subway train

It has happened again. Someone else has committed suicide by jumping in front of a subway train. I guess some people do not have the will to live again so they go kill themselves. With everything that is going on in the world today, I assume that some people cannot handle everything that is going on in today’s society. From what I see, it is too easy to kill yourself than to deal with what life is throwing at you.

“Still In Love?”

How long have you been in your relationship? Has it been a month, a year or decades? However long it’s been, do you still feel the same butterflies you felt in the very beginning or has it changed? After being together and settling into the relationship, many people find that the same feelings (of love) that they once had have changed or are no longer there. I guess it’s ridiculous to think and believe that you will maintain the same level and feelings of love you once had when your relationship first started. We do grow and change as individual’s the older we get so it’s conceivable that our emotions and feelings about things and people will change as well. This is not necessarily a bad thing. When you grow, emotionally in your relationship, it could simply mean that you have come to realize your level of commitment is different now and you have a more mature or different way of approaching things. This will impact your feelings in the relationship as well. It’s not all fun & games but serious business because you are in a partnership with another individual.

fb pic

There is a level at which it could be bad to change or no longer feel the love you once thought you did. When you get bored or no longer feel attracted, physically or emotionally to the person you’re with, then this could become a problem. Those butterflies no longer exist and you may now find yourself seeking that same feeling with someone else that you once had with your partner. Attraction and acting on it may become easier now because you feel a lesser sense of devotion and commitment due to the change in your feelings and/or lack of interest. This will be a slow or maybe even fast demise to your relationship so be careful. Whatever you do outside of the relationship will definitely have an effect on it so if you want in, be all in and if you want out, be sure to bow out gracefully if you find you’re no longer in love with the person.

So just ask yourself “Am I Still in Love?”

I miss you,Anapa!

zhivotenko2012          I would never believe I will ever say that,maybe it’s because I’m getting old or maybe because I live in USA for too long,but it is first time for 6 years when I really miss the city where I was born. Before,I missed my family,relatives and my friends – but never my city. Since my childhood,I always dream to go to big city,where is a lot of people and a lot of opportunities,where is your life full of adventures,where you need a subway or a car to get somewhere,not like in my city where you can just walk anywhere you need.Where is a lot of people,and nobodies know you and you don’t know them,not like in my city ,where I  smoked my first cigarette and my mom knew it before I got home.

Anapa is a tiny old city,close to Sochi,where was Olympic games this winter,with unique climate and beautiful Black sea.It is considered a South of Russia and resort area,so a lot of people from Russia,mostly from Siberia and North go to Anapa every summer for vacation,because it is cheaper and easier to get there ,compare with other resorts outside of Russia .Anapa has rich history,and used to call Gorgippia,it was colony by Pontic Greeks in the 6th century BCE.

zhivotenko 2012       zhivotenko 2012


As many kids of my age,when I was 16, I couldn’t wait  to go somewhere else,by that time I dreamed to go to Moscow.I hated to live in a small quite town,I felt like I’m wasting my life.After graduating from high school for Russian students,who wants to live in a “cool” city there are two options,to go to Moscow or Sankt Petersburg,I failed  entrance examination  to Moscow University ,competition was huge,but was accepted to local university in Anapa. I thought my life was over,I was livid.          

It takes me time to realize that, Anapa means a lot more for me, than just a tiny city in the middle of nowhere,this city still has my family,my memories,my past,my bid dreams and my biggest disappointments.Anapa is like a museum of my memories,because during this 6 years nothing change there and I believe in next 6 everything will remain the same.
Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 12.21.23       Only now,I am able to realize and appreciate how amazing was my childhood.What is a great feeling  it was ,every summer spent on the beach, and ate fresh fruits from our garden every morning,been surrounded by people who truly loves you and carry about you. Anapa is a great  city,and when I will get very old I will come back and live close to water,so I can see the sea from my window again.

Buddy is looking for girlfriend

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 13-45-23-png                Buddy is a good-looking,well-established ,one years old rabbit,although people always say that he looks young for his age(see his pic!).Would like to meet his very special bunny,who is drama-free,genuine,down to earth and can make him laugh and share some of his interests,without alcohol or drug problems.

Buddy is very loving and carrying person,and would do anything for a person he loves. If you are demanding,jealous and possessive doe rabbit,please don’t bother!!! Buddy is passionate about music and films and loves listening and watching all kinds.He loves spending time with his friends and enjoys a quiet night in relaxing, in front of TV or listening to music.

Buddy is taking care of his body and lives health lifestyle,he is physically fit,and eats only organic hay and carrots.Buddy enjoys working out,like running around the room for 2 hours 5 times per week.

Buddy is ready for a serious relationships,and looking for a special bunny with whom he can share his 2 bedroom cage,on a sunny part of the room, in a family friendly area of Brooklyn.If you know any good-looking rabbits,who wants to meet a real gentleman ,who ready  to settle down and have kids or just have a good time,please let me know.Buddy would really appreciate it.Serious inquiries only please!


!   Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 13.46.11

Car-free Sunday in Jakarta

Jakarta could be classified as a city with horrible traffic and air polluted, so when Jakarta held Car Free Day the public supported and give positive respond to it.

Car Free Day in Jakarta was first held on Sunday in 2007. It’s the day where the city closed the main road and cleared it out from any motor vehicle. The Public was invited to exercise and enjoy the empty streets where normally it is full of motor vehicle. For the first two years Car Free Day was held at the last Sunday of every months from 6.00 AM – 14.00 PM. There were some complaints from the public so in 2009 the city shortens 2 hours of Car Free Day. However, because more and more public are enthusiast going there, in 2011 the city held Car Free Day every Sunday each months.  Now every week Jakarta has one day where 5 mile of main road is free from any motor vehicle for 5 hours.


Modification Bike

Over the years Car Free Day are getting more crowded. Besides packed with people jogging and cycling, many organization and communities wants to be part of it by holding an event there. Many companies held sports event such us fun running, yoga, aerobic. Several bicycles communities likes to gather and ride together, showing off their bikes. Other communities, such as Indonesia Zombie Club (IZOC) did a zombie walk, where 175 club members dressed-up and walked throughout the main road like a zombie. There were also art performances and campaign act by environmental organization. Foods and drinks stands are also available on the side of the road. But of course food stands and every event held in Car Free Day are arranged so that it won’t disturb people who want to exercise peacefully.

There are always something to see and fun activities to do every week in Car Free Day. It’s like a festival held by the public.

What’s next after COMM 663 Social Media?

As D-day draws nearer and nearer there is an inevitable question: what’s next when the class ends?

Well, more often than not when a class finishes it’s time for me to sell my books, unsubscribe to whatever I need to subscribe for the class, clean my bookshelves and put my notes away.

After this class, some of us will graduate and grow up to be responsible adults with a real job. You will be occupied with either searching for a job and building a career. Some of the “luckier” ones of us will stay back and continue taking more classes. You, too, will be busy with projects, papers, presentations, exams and your personal life as a student. For better or for worse we all move on. (Hopefully, nobody needs to re-take the class. C is a failing grade not an F.)

Needless to say, COMM663 Social Media will gradually if not rapidly becomes a memory. A memory includes 3 hours straight of Mr.Scheckel delivering his know-how in social media interrupted by his stories either about his son, his friends and family, or a very bad day or everything altogether. A memory includes you feeling so young compared to some part of the class (about which you feel half happy for being young and half worried that you have missed out on something good). A memory includes moments you can’t help but snap out of your daydreaming, grab your pen and jot down as much as possible,  all along feeling so inspired you swear to yourself that social media must be the field you need to get in. A memory of wondering why you need to create a wiki page only to sigh in relief when you find out the person you write a bout has a perfect wiki page that saves your life when you procrastinate the paper to the date it is due. A memory of utmost anger when you favorite brand is dismissed in class,  of total flabbergast when you realize a tiny bit of your life is wasted, of final relief when you get the email with your grade.

All will become nothing but memory and all will not matter anymore with the exception of the knowledge and inspiration one gets from the class. I have learned to be genuine in my presence online and to become part of a community instead of a seller to that community. I have learned to  keep a coherent presence among different platforms. I have learned to know better than posting stupid pictures or messages online because digital is FOREVER! But more than that I have learned that the journey is also important as the destination; that hard work will help one succeed; that I should not aim for perfection but for “amazingness”.

And I also learn that there are not one but two very bad music videos online that will haunt me for the rest of my life courtesy of COMM663 Social Media. As well as this good one.

After the class ends, I’ll apply what I have learned to real life. Without the push of the class, it can be hard but it’s do-able.

What’s your plan after this class ends?

Good luck to you all on the final paper and congratulations to those who graduate in 2 weeks!