Stop saying, Do it!

I was start playing the piano since I was four years old. A lot of people may ask” why you choose to play the piano?” ,  my answer is” I don’t know”. Actually, I fell in love with piano after I learned it for a long time. So, now I will explain why I call this memory painful and sweet.

The first time I met the piano was very impressive. A normal morning, I weak up because I heard a lot of noise. And went outside just saw a strange and big stuff in our living room. Then my mom said to me” Do you know you are a smart and talented girl?” I was really not sure what does it means, just nodded. I don’t know that I would live with it during my whole childhood. So, I may say that play the piano is my mom’s choose.

My mom required me that I had to practiced at least 3 hours after school everyday, and 5 hours for weekend. I was 6 years old at that time, my concentration span is too short to focus on specific thing, but I still did that. 6 years later,  I pass the highest level of the Central Conservatory of Music, it is the most authoritative certificate in China. If you want to go to Berkeley College of Music, that certificate will help you a lot. I was 12 years old that year.

Now I can talk about Bach, Mozart and some musicians with people when we are eating dinner. I could realize a lot of songs, absolutely, I will not wast my concert tickets. I also gave some performances when I was in collage. I am so grateful that my mom treated me harshly. I studied how to guide my kids in the future, because kids do not have enough ability to choose, maybe  respect excessively is not the best choice.

I was summarized that you have to “hurt” yourself to make successful. Nobody can achieve their dream easily. Do something you are so disgusted, and then, just wait for magic results.