5 Must-Watch Netflix Shows

Netflix is one streaming network I love watching from because the streaming services has multiple different television shows and movies. Also, Netflix is continuing to change month after month. The streaming company allows the customers to select and request new television or movies that should be put on the streaming service.

Netflix Logo From Variety

What are some of your favorite Netflix’s shows?

The genres vary when looking through Netflix which can be enjoyed by anyone from any background that allows the person to select a series or movie that may relate to them. Usually, popular shows and movies are being discussed within your friend groups and family members.  

  1. Money Heist
  3. YOU
  5. On My Block
Money Heist
Queen of the south
On The Block
Green Leaf

Each television series I picked provided the binge-watching experience for me and I became very relatable to these characters which tied me more into watching the show. In the beginning, I believed that I wasn’t going to enjoy the shows and it took me a couple of episodes to get hooked into the series plus being able to see myself finish the series and wanting to see more.  Now, I become super excited when a new season comes out because I am missing the television series and I need to know what’s going to happen next.

When watching each series I seen the thrill when it comes to know the next part in what will come after the season is over. I make sure to really watch each shows super slowly because I get disappointed when I finish the entire season and I have to wait months to see the next season.

What is one thing that makes a series binge-watch worthy?

Most streaming networks have plenty of different television shows and movies that allows people to watch as much as they want. I love Netflix for many reasons and it has always been something that I feel like I always needed. Especially now that they have multiple original series that continue to surprise me from how well written the scripts are and how well the acting is.  Also, bringing back old shows was one of the things I loved as well.         

These five Netflix series are my personal top five based on the story lines and how binge-worthy they are. After, watching these five shows I never knew how much I enjoy watching each series.

Let Me Know In the Comments Which Shows is Your Favorite


Do you have any recommendations ?

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. agnes0301 says:

    Thanks for sharing your top five Netflix shows! I am always looking for something new and good to watch, so will make sure to check these out. Have not seen any of them! ha

    The show that I binge-watched recently was Ozark, really great, if you haven’t seen it, check it out!

    1. agray213 says:

      Yes I have heard of Ozark! I will check it out ! Thank you for reading ! Let me know how you like them btw!

  2. harper12345 says:

    I absolutely loved Money Heist. I heard there’s a new season out, but it didn’t come out in America yet.

  3. isabella says:

    I loved You, it was such a good show! I’m currently binge watching Schitt’s Creek (it’s on Netflix too), and it’s so good, I definitely recommend it!

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