My Top three favorite Video Games

I found these three video games are interesting, unique and emotional. Two of the video games are quite emotional in some ways. Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain are quite similar in some ways very touching and feel some type of connection of losing someone. But felt more like a movie in some ways, interacting and decision making as well. Like The Last of us is quite interesting because this is similar how people also lost someone close to them. All three video games touch up life and death situation and how we handle it. If you enjoy playing or know someone who does, these games are pretty interesting to play. These games might be interesting as a movie as well.


3. Beyond Two Souls: The main character name Jodie, she lost her twin brother from birth and Jodie is the only one who survived. Which allows her to take control of her twin brother Aiden. This grants her to have psychic powers, throughout her childhood, she had been tested in order to fully understand her powers. In her journey, she lost a great number of people that she loved. Near the end of the story, she has to face this evil force in order to defeat it, she must choose the living or go with the ones she lost.


2.Heavy Rain: You Take control of Ethan, which his son was kidnapped and murder by origami killer. In order to find clues to who murdered your son. You play several characters Ethan Mars, Madison Paige and Scott Shelby of this The unexpected character you most likely you did not realize might be the killer.



1.The Last of Us: This one is my most favorite one that I have played. It has similar elements as Beyond two souls and Heavy Rain. This takes place where humans contracted this virus and turned into mutant Cordyceps fungus ravages the United States. The main characters are Joel and Ellie. Joel lost his daughter at the beginning of the game and later Joel became attached to Ellie. Ellie which has the antidote which might lead to a cure. Joel had to make a quick decision, so save the world or save Ellie from the operation room.


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  1. seirios121 says:

    I’m an avid gamer as well and these are some solid picks for your top 3 games. I have played both The Last of Us and Heavy Rain but have yet to play Beyond Two Souls. I love the concept of it and I was actually just looking at that particular game on the PS store just the other day. I really can’t wait to see what Quantic Dream does with their next game Detroit: Become Human. It looks really interesting and reminds me a lot of Blade Runner. It should be coming out soon, BUT until then GOD OF WAR currently has my attention…

    1. MegT says:

      I’m on the same boat as you, same waiting for God of War 4 to come out. I think it might have similar elements like The Last of us. Detroit: Become Human is also interesting.

  2. Irveen Chhatwal says:

    this is so cool! I have to try heavy rain!

    1. MegT says:

      It’s interesting, because it kept the person on their toes trying to figure out whose the killer is. Than at the end, it’s a total shocker!

  3. almunaif says:

    I will definitely try Beyond Two Souls it sounds cool. This summer will be full of gaming in my calendar 😉

  4. mbinabbas says:

    youuuuuuu , you areee soooo crazy video games girl, a lot of friends talked to me about “the last of us” but I dunno, I feel like not that much intreating since they have a movie about it. Try Call of Duty the new one. IT IS A ROCK!!! you are gong to love it, I have all the call of duty seasons but the last one. OMG let me know if you try it

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