Changes better or for worse!

In movies, shows, video games or any type of entertainment. As we all know when we read books, recreate movies or shows and changing the video games this creates a reaction among people on social media. Before when we all had social media, like youtube, twitter, and facebook. We mostly had commercials to watch the new upcoming movies or any of type of entertainment. Now it seems that trailers are becoming more popular among people. When the new trailer comes out, many go to their social media, either to criticize or voice their opinions how they felt about the major changes in the movie or video games. When the director decides to change the format of the book, people will criticize the director why he changes the format. Example, like Ready Player One, which the book came out in 2011. Of course, during that time when the book first came out, it might have more connection with the people during that time. Seven years later, the movie just recently came out, is it possible that they might have to change the movie for the audiences for today. Same things when it comes to movie reboots, like the Matrix might be rebooted, how Jumanji and The Mummy, for example, were changed.

Recently we all know that when Ready Play One movie first was announce, the trailer had mix feelings about it. I personally enjoyed the book and hopefully will check it out the movie as well. But of course, many felt that the movie didn’t live up the hype when creating this movie and didn’t follow the book. Is it possible that the reason for the change because of the audience of today? Here’s the Article that talks why all of the sudden people gain interest in this particular book and movie.

Similar to God Of War 4, the story also changes dramatically. In this storyline and the combat also changed as well. Instead of Kratos using his double-chained Blades, instead, he will use a Magical Axe. Which the story also change as father and son, instead of having Kratos taking out on revenge on the gods. Now we see the father side of Kratos. Some people are backlashing this game as well, due to the chances of the video game. That is being criticized how changes were made and here’s an article piece for this as well.

I notice now the trailers are gaining more popularity, which allows consumers to watch it at home before going to the movie theatres. I remember when I took an English class we had to do a group project, which one group did a movie trailer. Most of the students in the class enjoy the trailers more than actually watching the full movie. Similar to video games, we get game trailers, and which we decide whether we should buy or watch someone else plays it. Time is changing, which many use social media to voice out and it’s becoming more vocal. Do you believe that the audience is changing or people are afraid of the changes? When we moving forward, the things we enjoy years ago, might not be as relevant to the audiences today. Likely when we watch trailers, do we really need to see the whole movie as well? Now it seems that people analyze the movie much faster, instead of going to the movie theatre?

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  1. Irveen Chhatwal says:

    I agree with you, we have completely shifted to online, I rather watch a movie online in my comfy bed than go outside.

    1. MegT says:

      Same, many people watch trailers now, we decide whether we should go out to see it or just wait.

  2. mbinabbas says:

    honestly it saying time, I mean I won’t watch a movie in Netflix for example till I see its trailers, it’s like I’m not gonna spend so much time in a movie that I really didn’t like it. However, sometimes the trailers do not show the real story of the movie which make us miss the good movies

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