Learning languages or speaking many languages has been always my passion. Before I moved to New York, I wanted to learn two more languages besides my native tongue and my English because nowadays, I think it is the norm to speak English everywhere besides whatever you native is. However, the languages that I wanted to be able to communicate by are French and Spanish, but when I moved to New York and saw the diverse of languages, my ambition has become even beyond what I wanted. Since I know little French, I’ll start improving my poor French after I graduate. I hope I will be able to speak 4 languages at least.

Regardless of my desire to be able talk or speak with different languages but being bilingual or multilingual is doubtless has many benefits that could make your life more interesting. Some of these benefits you can gain by being multilingual are mentally, psychologically, socially, culturally and economically.

Here is a trick or joke of mixing languages (call it whatever you want). One of my teachers, her name is Heidi and she’s from Denver. Her best friend is Chinese. Whenever they talk to each other, they speak in English with “Chinese accent”. Everyone think they speak Chinese but the true is they speak English, to me that is so funny. Another thing, when I went to Miami to meet my friends, there were three Caribbean people speaking English and I heard Spanish among their talk. I asked why you speak two languages instead of one I mean either Spanish or English. One of them said we speak “Spanglish”. Never heard of this but I really like how it sounds because I believe there is a beauty of any language that people can communicate with.

Take it easy!

See you!


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  1. MegT says:

    I always wanted to learn another language as well, hopefully, I get around one day to learn a couple of languages. It definitely good to learn and understand each other as well.

  2. Irveen Chhatwal says:

    hahaha, I do that too… mix English and Hindi together. I really want to learn Spanish too and I am learning through this app called Busuu! You should try it too!

  3. seirios121 says:

    Learning a language seems difficult at first but once you learn the basic you start to catch on. I took 3 years of French and it was quite a challenge. Sadly since I haven’t spoken the language in such a long time, I have forgotten a lot. I am however still able to read and understand most of it lol…

  4. rosemarieparodi says:

    hey!! I speak Spanglish every day!! I love learning languages as well! I can speak to you in Spanish next class if you need to practice!

  5. almunaif says:

    It is important to know a new language and very cool. i wish i could know more languages in the future.

  6. mbinabbas says:

    yeah, we can speak a little France to gather, I mean I have step mom from Morocco and back to her country people over there speak France in everywhere. Also, there are lost of benefits from speaking different language. specially in the Media filed or Marketing filed.

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