Children: Form of Purity and Magic

Whenever I am around kids, I feel the kid inside of me comes out with full enthusiasm. kids don’t have a sense of failure, rejection or fear, they live in the present moment with the feelings of joy, adventure, and love.  It is endless what we can learn from children but one of the best lessons that I have learned is to be grateful for anything and everything. It has become therapeutic for me to spend as much time as I can.  My younger siblings love me the most as I become a 3-year-old with them jumping on the bed, talking about Sofia, NBA games and binge eating fruit loops. I love reading them bedtime story and how they cuddle up and sleep with me afterward, though I can’t move in the middle of the night if I’m hungry because how the lock me with their hugs.

The more time you spend with kids, the more they become fond of you. As much as emotions you invest in them, the more result you see as they grow up to be happier, loving and free. For me, the more time I spend with children I feel I am spending with my inner child, feeding her energies and love of other children. Around them, I feel my inner child is safe, secure and happy.

As adults, I feel it’s our responsibility to take care of children especially how we are framing and what we are feeding their minds. In the beginning phase of life, our minds frame patterns and belief system which is extremely difficult to change in later phases of life. We should protect, enhance and encourage children so that we have confident, happier and grateful generation in the future rather than a generation who are trying to recover from childhood trauma or unhealthy belief system. Let’s protect and encourage our future artists, public speakers, grateful homemakers, writers, doctors etc.

Be there for kids and become a kid with them and experience what pure love, joy, and affection feel like.

Until my next blog!

Love and light!

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  1. MegT says:

    I agree, children look up to use and they love learning from us as well. It sad that some parents don’t have that to take care of their children. But there’s pretty of other parents love their children. It’s great that we take our time and effort to help children grow.

    1. Irveen Chhatwal says:

      All the kids are fortunate in some way or another. For the ones who don’t get that love from their parents will definitely get it from their relatives, friends or partners. Love always comes around 🙂

  2. rosemarieparodi says:

    I completely agree! People have to realize kids understand more than what we think. Things that happen in their childhood shape them as they grow up. They shouldn’t be exposed to any type of negativity or bad examples since children tend to follow examples and not what they’re told!

    1. danahwilliams says:

      Very true! I am hyper vigilant about the things I do around children and the energy I bring around them. The last thing I want to do is contribute to any negativity in their life.

      1. Irveen Chhatwal says:

        I’m glad Danah that we all are careful, I hope our number increases every second.

    2. Irveen Chhatwal says:

      I hope people will be careful when they say something around kids since their words shape the kid’s world.

  3. almunaif says:

    I completely agree, children look up to us. Also, they realize and understand more than what we think. We should care more and more because they are our future.

    1. Irveen Chhatwal says:

      They definitely understand and intake much more than we can think and definitely they are the future and we can shape them.

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