Chinese Spring Festival

Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year or Chinese Spring Festival is the most important traditional Chinese holidays. It is commonly referred to as Lunar New Year, because it depends on the Chinese lunar calendar. The celebration traditionally begins on the first day of the first month.

Chinese New Year is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese lunar calendar. The origin of the Chinese New Year began centuries ago and gained importance because of several legends and traditions. The Chinese New Year is an occasion to reflect on how one behaved last year and what their beliefs were throughout that year.

I am writing about Chinese New Year festival because last Sunday, I was walking around in my neighborhood which is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and the big majority here are Chinese people. And, they were celebrating the fifteenth day after the New Year day called Spring Lantern Festival. It was a great experience for me to get to know one of the most stunning cultures in the world. I saw and knew more about Chinese traditions in the Spring Lantern Festival day after New Year as exchange gifts, fireworks, tradition music, flowers and red packets or envelopes. You can have so many things to do in this day in New York City. For me, I might pay China a visit one day, who knows!

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  1. rosemarieparodi says:

    I bet the Chinese Lantern Festival was beautiful! I wished I would have seen it. A couple of years ago I visited Taiwan and went to the Great Wall of China and it was an incredible experience. I am hoping to go back again during the Chinese New Year to see how they celebrate this wonderful tradition. I was excited to hear that this year is the year of the dog! I LOVE DOGS!!

  2. MegT says:

    Glad you enjoy it. Hopefully one day I can visit Hong Kong, when they have the Chinese New Year to experience it to see how it’s different from here.

  3. seirios121 says:

    New York is the crossroads of the world and there is something always going on. I’m glad you were able to experience the Lantern Festival, I’ve always wanted to go to one. There is something peaceful and calming about seeing people from different backgrounds celebrating their culture. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and for the link at the end. There are so many events happening, but I do have my eye set on one that’s coming up and I think you should check it out, you might like it and anyone else who’s interested as well. It’s the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden…you can see the detail’s at . There’s no detail’s for the event yet but bookmark it and check back every now and then. I hope you enjoy it!!

  4. onyechik says:

    I hope you enjoyed the Spring Festival and are enjoying your new year! You should definitely visit China if you’re able to! I feel it’s important for every person to explore the country their ancestors originated from. Everyone should be confident and knowledgeable when it comes to cultural self-identity. I love to travel and definitely open to a trip to China. I love Chinese food, and it would be very interesting to try the cuisine in its purest authenticity.

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