Virtual Reality… Not Just for Gamers!

Do you remember those days when the only video games were available at your local arcade? Or as a kid when the first games for you to play in the comfort of your home was the nintendo! and you had to use those cartridges and blow on them when they weren’t working? Those were the good old days. Nice and simple.
Now we have a whole new type of gaming called VR virtual reality and I do not consider myself a gamer at all and yet I can tell you that this is a life changing technology. You would think that this is a fad, hard core gamers will invest it. But I’m here to tell you that VR is for everyone.
If you are a movie or tv buff VR is for you.
If you love documentaries about history, or nature VR is for you.
If you love to travel and in fact find yourself in need of a vacation right at this very moment, VR is for you.
I know i do.
Actually the other day after coming home from work I had this incessant need to escape. I felt a strong urge to be on the beach. .And so I turned to this marvelous new technological masterpiece for help. I searched through its applications and such and found the perfect virtual destination.
It was the Galapagos islands.
At first when I first got there I was on this rocky surface among all these lizards and crabs and gross.
But then I right at the edge of these beautiful pools of water formed as a result of rock formations and reflecting the days light. It was serene and truly heavenly. I was listening to the quiet sounds of my surroundings alone save for a cute little seal. And then I was at a beach as the sunset while the waves crashed perfectly onto the shore filled with perfect white sand. It was perfection. Just the escape I needed. The only thing missing was a tropical drink with a pineapple slice and a colorful mini umbrella.
I instantly felt more relaxed as I sat on the floor and soaked in the setting sun, imagining the feel o sand between my fingertips and the sea breeze on my face.
VR is a must have for anyone looking to escape, and as grad students in New York I’m sure that’s all of us.
So spoil yourself. If u have the opportunity, have fun with VR today and fully immerse yourself in worlds beyond your own.

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  1. MegT says:

    It seems that VR is getting really popular these days. I haven’t tried it yet, but definitely worth trying one day. A week ago when I was watching the news, they have a workshop for older people who can’t travel, so they use VR, so they could able to visit the places that they never got a chance to go too.

    1. manahidy says:

      Yeah definitely! Omg that’s so cool! What a great idea. Using VR to help those in need. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. rosemarieparodi says:

    This sounds so good right now. I had no idea how much VR could do! Im definitely thinking of investing in one now. Where can you buy them?

    1. manahidy says:

      Oh I wish I had some more information as to where to purchase but there’s just so many different types! There’s ones you can use through your phone, gaming consoles like the Playstation 4 or even a PC computer. I’d just google best VR headsets or something like that lol.

  3. danahwilliams says:

    I went to a AR/VR Hackathon last fall. It was sooo cool. The things we can do with a little bit of code and some pictures are amazing.

    1. manahidy says:

      Whoa that kind of a hackathon sounds incredible. What was it like? What did people do?! Were you a part of it??

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