Star Wars: A World Between Worlds

In a galaxy far far…very far away…a little further, the Star Wars universe has just had a shocking revelation.  This particular news might come of a shock to some, at least to those diehard fans.  Ever since Disney has taken over the Star Wars franchise they have been taking steps to deliver something creative and unique for the new generations while at the same time keeping the fans of old relatively interested.  When Disney first acquired Star Wars, the pretty much wiped out the extended universe literature from canon and started from scratch leaving the original trilogy and the prequels intact.  I would have just gotten rid of the prequels and definitely kept the rest of the source materials since there was so much to work with but that’s a debate for another post.  Today, with the recent masterpiece release of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, fans all around the world have been split due to the films creative direction.

However, since then they have been slowly been introducing characters from the extended universe and making them now canon.  How?  Well let’s not forget Disney has expanded the Star Wars universe into the realm of television in the form of their animated shows The Clone Wars and now Rebels.  Here is where the plot thickens.  I am not one to keep up with the animated shows as they are geared more toward children than anything else.  Although I have been hearing it does get a little adult from time to time.  Potential SPOILERS ahead, you have been warned.  In Rebels latest episode leading into the series finale, A World Between Worlds, the Star Wars universe has been completely changed forever.  They have introduced the concept of time travel.  In this episode the main character Ezra is able to open a time portal that connects all of space and time.  As he’s walking around he hears the voices of some of the characters from all of the movies including Rey and Kylo from the recent films.

This new revelation opens all kinds of new possibilities for the galaxy far, far, away.  It has been said however, that Disney has been using the animated shows as a testing ground for new ideas.  It was actually on the animated show where the idea for Leia’s Force space flight has come from.  Perhaps this is Disney’s way to introduce this new concept for their next film Episode IX.  J. J. Abrams did say that this last film will tie in all three of the trilogies.  Knowing Abrams, he does love his time travel so you never know.  What do you think?  Was this bold move the right decision?   I’m not going to lie.  I’m actually intrigued by this and interested to see what exciting new tales derive from all of this.  The possibilities are endless and if done right, it can mean for some great stories.  It seems as though they have been making big waves in the Star Wars universe and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  For better or worse, time travel is now officially canon in the Star Wars universe.


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