Stalker won’t go away!

My crazy story about a stalker that won’t go away! Couple years ago right around 2008 when I decided to create a facebook, I added my friends from high school. I had an account at Gamespot where I talk to other people about gaming, same interest etc… I wrote blogs on Gamespot sharing some interests of what I like. So I decided to add some people from there as well, thinking during that time was harmless and making new  friends didn’t hurt.  There’s one particular guy that I thought he was normal and didn’t have any problems at first when I blog at Gamespot. But I rarely talk to him on facebook though. I guess, he figure that I had same him interest as him on facebook. Once I graduated from QCC and transferred to Queens college I was mostly focused on college and looking for jobs. During that time I was planning to clean up my friend’s list on facebook, so I delete people I don’t talk anymore, he was the one unfriend as well. One day I received a message from the same guy asking if I was interested in him etc… and I said no. After a while, he became weirder than ever, saying we both have similar interest blah blah. In my head, so does everybody else and you can find someone else to talk too. After awhile, I couldn’t stand it and told him off to leave me alone. I was thinking that he would go away, but he didn’t.

Here goes again! Several years later around 2013, he messages me through Facebook once again, writing a long message explaining how we have the same interest etc…. So I ignored him once again, I blocked him on facebook.  A year later, he created another account on Facebook, and message me once again, now it’s getting more creepier than ever. I was thinking why he doesn’t stop, I blocked that account hoping that he would stop. Two years later, when I went to New York Comic Con in 2015, that same guy again spotted me in line, when we had to walk to Javits center, luckily I was with my family at that time. Luckily he didn’t follow me anywhere in NYCC, I was hoping that I would never hear anything from this guy.

Few months into the same year in 2016, somehow he found my personal email, which mostly I use for college, looking for jobs etc… Somehow, he found my personal email, I screenshot just in case one day I need evidence. I was totally freaked out by that and wondering how on earth did he find my email. I had to deactivate my email and created another email. I was like, this guy is a parasite that won’t go away. Then last year he found my twitter account, blocked him, but he decided to deleted once I blocked him. Beginning of this year, he made a new twitter account and tried to add me again, of course, I blocked him once more. He’s like a parasite that won’t go away, he seems that he doesn’t understand the word no or he doesn’t get that I don’t want to deal with him. It doesn’t mean that I want to talk to you. This dude never gives up. Hey, stalker please go away, I don’t want to deal with you anymore!

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  1. rosemarieparodi says:

    Oh my God this is so scary!!! I mean he has been doing this for 10 years! If it gets dangerous do you think you might need a restraining order?

    1. MegT says:

      If it’s life threathing they probably would tell me to file it. Luckily he doesn’t know wher me I live, than I would have too. But it’s kind of hard when you tell the police, if it’s no threat or anything I can’t do anything about it atm.

  2. Jay says:

    That crazy , did you ever give him the benefit of the doubt of why he keeps obsessively keep finding you everywhere ? I know you said he wrote you long messages ect but did it ever get to a extent where he actually understands ? Some people look at rejection different ways and unfortunately to him his motto seems to be “ keep trying to I get it “. You just never know, to pursue someone for 10 years is dedication for real. I don’t know Meg I don’t know you or the full details of the emotional distress but maybe seeing what he actually wants might put an end to that crap. Just saying

    1. MegT says:

      I don’t know him in person, just a guy who happens I talk briefly online and happens to live in nyc. I did explain why I wasn’t interested in him at all, of course some guys can’t handle it. I just find it creepy when people can’t handle rejection and has a crazy obsession on someone they barely know in real life and to move on in their life. Like vice versa when women does it and you explain to them you not interested in them, but kept pursuing you. Plus you hear about famous people always get stalked, the people whose stalked them always says, I hear voices telling them to pursue them. Same goes with one of my friend I know, some guys obsessing with her as well and he’s doing similar thing as well.

  3. danahwilliams says:

    WHOA! This guys a complete nut! Make sure you warn your family and friends in case they ever see him when you guys are out. This world is filled with so many entitles weirdos.

    1. MegT says:

      I did told my friends and family just in case if anything goes wrong. Luckily I did screenshots just in case if I need any prove.

  4. Si Chen says:

    OMG…this is so creepy!!!!!!

    1. MegT says:

      Yeah I agree.

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