MARVEL’s Jessica Jones S2 …I’m so ready!

One of my favorite Marvel characters is coming back to Netflix this Thursday, March 8th: JESSICA JONES.
(It’s also International Women’s Day that day so good timing on their part).

For those of you who haven’t seen Season 1, here it is in a nut shell: Jessica has super strength, drinks her whiskey neat, curses like a sailor, and simply doesn’t give a fuck! She’s a private investigator working in Hell’s Kitchen with the usual clients, until someone from her past shows up through a new case.

She’s an absolute bad ass with a very hidden soft side. Her family is long gone and only has select friends. She’s part of The Defenders, which is another Marvel Netflix series you should watch, where she teams up with Daredevil (AMAZING show), Luke Cage (friggin cool show) and the Iron First (don’t watch this one, it was a total turd).

Jessica Jones is based on a comic book series that is also amazing. There are of course differences in the show vs the comic. In the show, she’s just a PI with a few powers but in the comic she actually has a superhero identity called Jewel. She has a costume and everything. Even becomes part of The Avengers in a way and knows Cap and the gang. However in the show, she doesn’t go that route, which is totally fine because the show is just as good as the comic book series. Another big difference is in the comics, she gets together with Luke Cage. He’s her main squeeze. In the show, they do hook up but then go their separate ways. I’m very curious to see if in Season 2 she gets a new love interest. In the comics, she even hooks up with Ant Man. But we all know that Paul Rudd won’t be making a cameo on this show any time soon (which is a shame, he’s great).

The main baddy in Season 1 is The Purple Man aka Kilgrave. He too is a part of the comic book series and he’s actually purple. In the show, he’s not actually purple but they do make a nice little nod to it towards the end of the season when he gets mad and the veins in his neck freak out and it starts to turn purple. It’s pretty cool how they did it! Kilgrave is played by David Tennant, who if you remember me blogging about in my Doctor Who post, is also the 10th Doctor. He’s a brilliant actor and can play a bad  guy just as well as a good guy.

Kilgrave has the ability to control people’s free will. He can order them to do whatever he wants and they do it without hesitation, even if it’s just standing in a corner and not moving. It’s incredibly freaky to even think about and seeing it on the show is so warped, but it’s amazing. He’s a great characters. There have been photos of him on set for Season 2. I’m super excited to have him back and have them explain why and HOW he’s even back! I don’t want to spoil anything about Season 1 for those who haven’t watched it. Hehe…

I’m also a huge fan of the soundtrack. It’s brilliant. It’s everything you’d want with this show: detective/sleuth like music, action packed sounds, track after track is something awesome, especially when you’re listening to it walking through Manhattan. Next time you’re in Hell’s Kitchen after you’ve watched this show, you’ll totally pick up the vibes. Also, Daredevil takes place in Hell’s Kitchen as well, so it was super epic to see Matt Murdock and JJ teaming up in the same area.

The first season is super easy to binge watch because it sucks you in. There are now throw-away filler episodes either. It’s fantastic. I can’t wait for season 2.

Also, Jessica Jones was my first ever cosplay! This passed NYCC I dressed up as her. I was able to find the same boots she wears, so I was more than excited. Her outfit is so simple and cool, she’s also got some new boots for season 2 that I’m going to have to track down.

Krysten Ritter does an amazing job as Jessica Jones. It’s worth watching her performance, especially after reading the comics.

Here’s the trailer for season 2:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nirvanna says:

    OMG ! I am so happy you posted this. She is a bad ass and a breath of fresh air. She is so ordinary looking and yet this powerhouse. I wish she would embrace the gift she has though and stop looking at it as a curse. But its really just fear. I want to smack her and say “Get over it” and I’d be flying across the room if I did. It’d be worth it lol.

  2. seirios121 says:

    YES!! I love Jessica Jones. I love the fact that despite the fact that this is a superhero show, it doesn’t play like one. It’s pretty much grounded, dark, and the acting is top notch. What I love most about the show though is that it’s like watching a classic film noire. Adding this great sense to the show enhances the whole detective theme and makes the show that much more impactful, driving these characters home. It was interesting to see how the three shows worked together in the crossover show Defenders but I think they worked best alone in this case…

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