Social Media’s Influence & Netflix Original Series Travelers

Season two of Netflix’s originally series Travelers has been released and I thought it would be a good topic to write about seeing as we are taking a course on social media. If you have not seen the show then you may not get the connection. Travelers chronicles the adventures of agents from a future government organization who have been sent back in time to stop disasters that have devastated the future. There are two really interesting things about the show you should know. First, these agents are not physically sent back in time. Their consciousness is digitally transferred to the past at the moment a person is about to die and the agent takes over the dying persons’ (who historically would have been dead)body and life. How can they just take over this persons life you say?  The agents are able to gather all the information about the host, whose body their consciousness enters, by reviewing their post on social media.  Like our professor stated, nothing ever really gets deleted from the internet. Everything a person has every tweeted, shared, linked, clicked on, etc all gets saved. In the future those super internet back up systems that were discussed in class, are accessed to find strategic ways to change events in the past to make a better future. Anyone (a student, cop, politician, the residents of a nursing home, etc) can be used by the organization to complete their agenda but those with rich internet activity can be harnessed as permit agents who reside in the 21st century and carry out the organizations agenda. I have not yet started the second season although I enjoyed the first, but it has just an interesting concept. Are we as a society possibly oversharing personal details about our lives online? This was the thought in my mind when our professor asked us to provide details about ourselves and work history on LinkedIn. Although I sometimes feel torn between this thought and the fact that I am actually so impressed by how far the world has come when it comes to record keeping. There was a time when only kings had the events of their live recorded, given the limited record keeping tools of previous societies, so we have no real idea about how the lives of the everyday citizens of ancient really was. But now people have social media accounts for the pets, detail the day to day life of these animals and other people are actually interested. It makes me think that maybe we are doing some type of good just by sharing our lives with each other. And for ourselves, as we have the ability to leave a visual record that we existed.


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  1. I definitely think about this some times, especially now that I’m getting older and I want to have children soon. How much bis too much?

  2. apryor02 says:

    It’s amazing how far Netflix has come in regards to their original content. They have produced so many series and specials that have garnered a great deal of attention. Travelers sounds like an interesting concept for a series. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to watch it. I am very behind in television watching. In regards to potentially oversharing on social media, this is something I have always been afraid of. Until this class I hadn’t had a social media account in ages, because I really valued my privacy.

  3. seirios121 says:

    I feel that Netflix is pretty much hit or miss these days. I spend a good deal of time just trying to find something good on there to watch sometimes. I do like the premise of this show however and I remember I somewhat started it. These days it’s hard to find a time of day with nothing to do to enjoy binge watching. I see your correlation though between what was said in class and this show. I think your right. I think it’s a good thing to leave thing’s behind such as our memories. It’s how people remember us and how we recall those precious times with those we lost. It’s a good way to show those in the future who we once were and how far we have come. Like everything in life there will always be pros and cons. Most people focus on the cons it’s easier I suppose, but I like to think positively in regards to how fast the world is changing right before our eyes.

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