Guanaja, the island with no roads in the Caribbean!

Yes, this island has a total of zero cars and zero roads! Which is crazy compared the active city we are currently in! This island is called Guanaja and it has only two ways of transportation and thats walking and by boat. The island has many little water passages where you can take a small boat to the grocery story or maybe to school. But everything is so close together that you could only take 10 min walking there.


The Guanaja island is also surrounded with many colorful turtles and turquoise waters. It has many surrounding smaller islands that you can go to have a variety of drinks and different types of sea food from the local sea shores. Just by walking around the island you get to personally meet all your neighbors, or the whole neighborhood for that matter. You will feel immediately at home by how welcoming people are and how everyone who lives there treats each other like family.


To get to this small island you can either take a small boat there or in a private plane that can land in a small airport on the island. Once we got there the boat seemed too small for the distance we had to cover and luckily we found two Americans that moved to the Honduran Caribbean islands to pursue flying jets and living an island life. It was a very fun experience. It gives you the time to relax in a very quiet atmosphere where you can’t hear any honking from any cars or traffic, only the sounds of the waves and the wind. If you ever want a break from the urban cities, you know where to go!


con amor,

Rosie P.


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  1. MeganTom says:

    It’s interesting that the island has no cars. The pictures are very stunning and vintage looking.

    1. rosemarieparodi says:

      It is! It was a very different experience! People new each other in a very personal level! Im very glad you like the pictures, they were taken in spring break of 2011!

  2. irveenchhatwal says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL! I thought only Venice is like that but you showed me another beautiful place like that.. love this.. thank you!

    1. rosemarieparodi says:

      wow some people actually call it the Venice of Honduras! Im glad you liked it! Im sure you’ll visit someday!

  3. mbinabbas says:

    I looovvvve where you mention their community. it seems everybody knows everybody!! but only boat they have, it seems like one part in Italy. THANK you for sharing this awesome island your subject makes me to replan my next spring break girl 🙂

    1. rosemarieparodi says:

      Yes!! its very similar to Venice! They actually call it the Venice of Central America!! You would have so much fun in Spring Break!!

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