Bathroom Etiquette

Bathroom etiquette is a thing right? More specifically, I’m curious to know why anyone would walk into a public restroom, with plenty of empty stalls and willingly choose a stall right next to one that is occupied? I know this is petty, I can admit that. But I am already uncomfortable having to use a public bathroom, with my phone being my only distraction, and then I hear someone entering the adjust stall. I go from laughing at memes to wondering if the other person can hear me. Sorry guys, but it ruins the experience. I get it. People have different cultures and are raised differently, but why? Why would you choose a stall next to an occupied stall. Are you that comfortable with strangers? Are you scared to go alone? Are you looking for company? Using the bathroom is a deeply personal thing, can I get some personal space?!? Don’t you, you random stranger who makes this odd decision, want some space to do your business. All the other available stalls can not be so unappealing. At least one other stall will have an appropriate amount of toilet tissue. If this isn’t common knowledge can we spread the word? I try not to judge people, especially based on which stall you use in a public restroom but it is very upsetting. If you don’t care then I don’t care and you can just say goodbye to courtesy flushes.

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  1. michellewenzy says:

    HAHA! Oh my god! A friend of mine will send me Snapchats ALL THE TIME of someone who constantly picks the stall right next to her NO MATTER WHAT. Yeah, she probably shouldnt send me Snaps while she’s on the bowl, I don’t see anything, but it’s hysterical how out of all the other stalls, someone picks the one right next to her! I never have this issue and when I do, I usually don’t mind it because I’m never the first one to leave the stall. I wait for them to leave first. 😛 Haha, this was such a good entry.

  2. MeganTom says:

    I have the same issue too. It’s one of my pet peeves, same thing if I go to a bus or train people always comes to sit right next to you, there’s plenty of other seats to sit. I understand if it’s smaller bathroom it cannot be help, but if it’s a bigger restroom, they always come right next yours.

  3. rosemarieparodi says:

    hahahaha this made me laugh! But I couldn’t agree more! I’ll help you spread the word!

  4. apryor02 says:

    This is such a true post. It can be such as awkward experience. Even more awkward are when random people try to talk to you while in the next stall. There has to be rules on proper restroom etiquette.

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