Experiencing Story Telling Open Mic

When I went to Queens College majored in English, one class I took was Creative Writing. My professor wanted us to experience a reading series, which we get to tell stories, play or anything the express our thoughts. So our professor assigned us into groups, which the group has to decide where to go to see an open mic. This allows us to fully understand the assignment that he gave us. My group decided to go QED Astoria for our reading series assignment, most of us live close by to Astoria. If anyone interested, expressing there creative side in writing or any writing in general, here’s the link for there website QED Astoria. When I first went into his class, all of us didn’t know what a reading series. Our professor told us, in recent years reading series are slowly gaining popularity. He wanted us to gain and experience this as well.

Our assignment was to read our plays in front of an audience, that we wrote during the semester. Our professor wanted us to find a location to do our reading series in front of people. My group decided to it at Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria. There were several things as a group we had to do, we have to make sure the establishment allows us to use their park, making sure if we need any license to use their park. Secondly, our professor wanted each group to use social media to bring in the audience to read our stories or plays out loud. This allows me to gain more experience to communicate with people making sure I have done everything correctly. I help the group by finding a location to do our reading series and make sure that I email to the Development and Communications Assistant in order to use their park for our reading series. I also made a poster for our group, we decided to put up our poster around campus. When it came to our time to read our plays, to the audience and the professor, normally I’m not good speaking in large groups I get little nervous when speaking in front of a lot of people. We read each plays out loud, this was a team work and this gave us experience when we work as a team and allows us to work together. I certainly enjoyed doing this, now I know theirs more things like this to experience.

The poster I created for our Group


2 Comments Add yours

  1. vanessamunoz89 says:

    Wow, this sounds like it was amazing course. Really took you out your comfort zone.

    1. MeganTom says:

      Thanks :D, the english course was interesting.

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