My Nephew’s Book

Few days ago, my oldest brother said my nephew started to read a book.

The book he is reading is also I read when I was in elementary school.

He reminded me for being alive again-

Title is The Present (2003) ! 

from Spencer Johnson (same author of Who Moved My Cheese? )

( Dr. Spencer Johnson’s stories of timeless, simple truths have changed the work and lives of millions of readers around the world. )


The book is literally about “ The Present”. It is telling 4 major things:

  1. Present = Now
  2. Learn from Past
  3. Plan the Future
  4.   (1,2,3) = Purpose of life



I still remember its three famous lines


  • You already know what the Present is.

You already know where to find it.

And you already know how it can make you happier and more successful.

You know it best when you were younger.

You have simply forgotten.


  • The Present is not the past and it is not the future.

The Present is the Present moment.

The present is right now.


  • Being in the Present means tuning out distractions.

And paying attention to what is important, Now.

You create your own present by what you give your attention to today.

What I learned from this book is.. 

Not only realize “WHAT do we have to do?” , also “WHY do we have to do?”


Am I still in the past with regrets?

Am I afraid of my future?

Am I doing my job only for “Succeed” ?


Live in the Present.

The Present is just Now.



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