Is it good all students learn the same content before college ?

Education issues have been popular in our society for a long time. People care about what they learn to build their conditions for lives so much, at the same time, care about their children’s education. The statement that before students admitted into college, they will be forced to learn same courses nationally is hard to be agreeable. The reasons are obvious and convincing.

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A nation can be as big as the United States or can be as small as Japan. Some super cities like New York, LA or Tokyo have the most concentrated population. In the other way, they have prior education resources than other areas in the same countries. So that the same course will be easier for students who are living in these kinds of cities which will cause unequal opportunities for overall students. Besides, the pheromones of urbanization will lose balance, since everyone desires for better learning environments under the same curriculum.

The second reason is cohesive too. Students can be divided into different classes because of their intelligence or other qualifications, some of them can do much hard work, some are in the median level. While the same courses will deeply shackle the students who are talented and will damage the chances they become experts in some special area. It could even affect the whole progress of our society. A typical example is Einstein, if he was required to learn the same from others, we may lose a great scientist.

The last reason is we need diversified background people to do different work. The exact same curriculum will surely decrease the possibilities.

In conclusion, Education is an essential element consisting of our society. The different region should have varied ways to educate students. In this way, we can enjoy the same opportunities and create diversified talents.


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