6 easy steps to make Vietnamese coffee at home

Last week in the class we got some taste of Arabic coffee from our classmates. It was very great coffee with the smell of some spices and totally different from any coffee I had ever tasted in my life. I believe that every country in the world has their own coffee style.

In this post, I will tell you how to make my favorite coffee. It’s not from my country which is Thailand, but it’s from a country nearby my homeland. It’s Vietnam.

Vietnamese coffee is my favorite coffee with its bitter and sweet taste which are so perfect together.

All you need are 
– Café du Monde (French roasted ground coffee)
– Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set
– Condensed milk
– Hot water
– A glass and a spoon

These are 6 easy steps to make it.

1. Put  2 spoons of condensed milk in the glass. They usually use clear glass to see when the coffee is dripping.

2. Put 2 spoons of ground coffee in the base of the coffee filter.

3. Screw the top filter on the top and snug the coffee filter on the glass

4. Pour hot water until it fits the filter and wait for few minutes. It usually takes time to drip the coffee into the glass. Good things come to those who wait!

5. After all the coffee was dripped into the glass, take out the coffee filter.

6. Stir the coffee and the condensed milk. And it’s ready to drink!



Don’t be surprised if the amount coffee is not that much. Vietnamese coffee is usually strong and sweet similar to double espresso with added sugar and milk. But its unique taste makes it different. I hope you guys enjoy a new way to make coffee!


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  1. almunaif says:

    Thanks that was a useful explanation. I liked reading your blog.

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