My Trip to Cancun, Mexico

My family loves to travel together during the summer. Since we have all gotten older, we have made it a tradition to go on a family vacation since we are all busy during the remainder of the year. When we were young, we loved to travel to our home country, El Salvador, but it became dangerous due to all the gang violence. Around three years ago, we all decided that we wanted to explore other parts of the world. So, we chose Cancun, Mexico since everyone recommended it to us.

We were all nervous because we had never travelled anywhere besides El Salvador. We stayed at the Oasis Palm hotel for six days. The hotel was family friendly and had great service. During our six day stay, my brothers and I literally lived in the pool. Cancun was so hot that everyone just wore their bathing suit the whole day. The food was amazing and unique as well. The hotel had around ten restaurants so we alternated every night. One interesting thing about Mexico is that it had a lot of seafood dishes, which took me a bit to get used too. We also went on a yacht to a popular island called Las Islas Mujeres. The Islas Mujeres was full of markets and stores for tourists. We bought some souvenirs for our family back home and enjoyed the clear water. As soon as we knew it, it was time to go back home.

This trip was by far the best trip I have taken. The service was great and Mexico is a beautiful place. I would recommend it to anyone wanting travel for vacation!


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  1. ngatwong says:

    I’ve heard a lot about Cancun, but I never have a chance to go yet. I might have to put it on my bucket list.

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