What a cool day at Google Pop-up Store

Virtual reality for everyone
We’re on a mission to bring amazing experiences 
to the world – Google VR


It might not be over-exaggerated for the slogan above that was launched by Google VR 


Google has just opened a new Google pop-up store in Manhattan. I had a chance to stop by and tried new VR devices. Google set up the zones specifically for the customers to experience their new devices.

The first one I tried is the zone they call daydream view. I think it was really cool. It’s quite a new experience for me to use VR headset. I imagined it would be so heavy but it’s actually lighter than I thought. They provided different atmosphere and games in full 360 degrees. It was like I was in the real places that they build up and I was totally enjoyed. The only bad thing is they limited the time to try, I still didn’t get enough.

But after I checked the price the VR headset is only $99! It’s a very affordable price.


The photo booth is the second one I tried. OMG! I love this one. Google wants to prove the high resolution of the pixel on their phone so they let the customers get directed experience by taking photos with them. They let me choose the background I like. Then the photographer staff took photos for us about 10 photos. Then he send those picture from the Google phone to my email right after that. The photos are not like the regular one but it can move for like2 seconds.

Come experience Google pixel!


The last one is not that’s fantastic for me but I still enjoyed trying their products. They let me use the Google phone model. It’s a new feature that comes with the phone which is Google lens. This function is used to search for the background or history of things you see through Google lens. After the phone processed, if it could match with their information, the background information of the things you looked for will show up on the screen.

IMG_2840 (1)
Google lens zone

There were two more zones that I walked through but I didn’t check them out because I ran out of time.
Overall it was good to explore the VR devices. Google pop-up store could be the place that you stop by for an hour to get a new experience. Share us to know if you have been there or what do you think about new VR product from google!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. kitty1906 says:

    Wow,thats sounds gr8 and hope they add-in Augmented reality too..

    1. ngatwong says:

      I don’t see any AR product from Google as far as I know.

  2. laurieanh says:

    I really want to go there, it looks so cooooool! Thank you for sharing your experience!

    1. ngatwong says:

      You should go! I think will continue open until the end of December.

  3. xguo07 says:

    wow!!!!! such a fancy place!!!!

    1. ngatwong says:

      Make a day for that. It was a fun experience.

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