TOP 5 Favorite Celebrity Photos of 2017

  1. Kristen Stewart and I from June 2017! Even though I have the actual selfie I love this one because its a candid from a paparazzi shot! It was circling all over Tumblr and finally when one of my friends stumbled upon it was when I found it. She’s my favorite celebrity so its so awesome to have a candid of the two of us.
    kristen and I candid







2. James Corden and I from TV week in NYC May 2017. Not only is James super funny but he’s also extremely talented and I look forward to seeing all his Car Pool Karaoke segments. Even though the lighting is bad I’ve wanted to meet him for a while and I was completely shocked to see him that night and he also took the picture himself with my phone.

james corden .jpg

3. Dua Lipa and I December 2017 In Albany. This was actually yesterday 12/5/2017 when I drove to Albany to see Due Perform. Watching her career launch has been an absolute pleasure since I first saw her for $5 at a small lounge in NYC. Not only is she so sweet but super nice to her fans. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has planned for her!

me and dua

4. Liam Payne and I in may 2017. I have been a huge One direction fan and I’ve tried for years to meet the guys. I only have a photo with Zayn so the day I got Liam tears fell from my eyes but in a good way. After traveling to over 6 different states to see their shows it was so nice to see how genuine Liam is and his Solo career is already kicking butt. Im excited to see him again on 12/8/2017 for Z100 Jingle Ball.

Liam one direction.jpg

5. Alexander Skarsgård and I April 2017. I love anything having to do with Vampires and Werewolves so meeting Alex from True Blood literally made my knees buckle. I was waiting at a hotel for a bunch of other celebrities when he pulled up and I almost fainted. It was amazing to finally see him in person, next on my list will hopefully be his brother Bill for plays the Clown IT.

alexander skarsgard.jpg

This years Bonus, Shemar Moore giving me a kiss totally caught me by surprise and I’m lucky I’m even alive to write this blog today because in that moment I thought I died lol!

shemar moore.jpg


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  1. laurieanh says:

    OMG I don’t know how you manage to meet so many famous people but it’s cooool!

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