The Future of YouTube


  I Would like to ask some questions about YouTube.

  • Is the Advertising on YouTube Annoying?
  • Guys do you think YouTube deserves 12.99$ every month to watch without Ads?
  • Do you think there will be competitors against YouTube in the future?

Now we have a lot of websites that affording videos with fewer Ads such as Bing, Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, and Metacafe.


  when I focus on the Ads on YouTube I found that:

          YouTube has four types of Ads:

  1. Ads before the clip start. This kind of Ads has two types.
  • Ads for five seconds before a video starts and after five seconds, you can skip the ads or you can watch it.
  • The other one is thirty seconds before the video starts and you can’t skip it until you see the ads.

2. Ads pop up in the middle of the videos and viewers can’t skip.

3. Ads pop up under videos.

4. Ads through the search engine.


 For me, I think YouTube should recognize that increasing the Ads could let people look for new apps to watch videos without disturbances.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. clairelee123 says:

    I agree. so far Youtube is matchless streaming platform, but someday.. it could be not because of that.

  2. ngatwong says:

    Sometimes I feel like I was forced to watch those Ads, I’s been too much lately. But since I know how social media ads works, I quite understand that it’s hard to avoid those ads and I’m sure Youtube will launch more ways to post the Ads, even you paid monthly not to watch it.

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