My Dream Land

If you are an artist, or you dream to be one…

If you like to collect extraordinary creative crafts.

if you a regular person who wants a place to enjoy your weekend and being inspired at the same time .

please Go to visit the Sawdust Art Festival. 

I was on my way to one of my favorite place Laguna Beach  , when I saw the crowd on the left side and the parking lot was full of cars, so we decided to take a look and see whats going on.

once I entered, I saw the incredible small village,,, yes! it looks like a real village, with beautiful cottages decorated with charm Christmas lights and trees, shining above the lovely pieces of arts.

Every cottage has a wonderful story, that can be read from the artists work and words.

Being in such festival, watching the beauty of human beings imagination work around you , talking to that talented and passions people who made it, and listening to incredible music by the musician there at the same time ….make you feel that you travel by time machine to the dreams land.

The festival opening for an approximately one month twice a year, if you couldn’t make it for any reason don’t worry they made amazing website Sawdust Art Festival has all the artists and festival information. Take a virtual tour there and you will get a sense of what I meant.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ngatwong says:

    This is a really cute place! it reminds me Laguna beach. I love that beach.

    1. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

      Hi , I am glad you liked it❤❤❤

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