How to bring back your motivation again

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash
Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash

I bet everyone once had that day – the day that you lose motivation. You are so down and it seems like you lose all interest in things surround you and ignored things that you loved to do. I’d been having one of those day during last feel weeks.

I don’t know how was myself get demotivated. It just happened one day when I woke up. I assumed that probably I’d been exhausted and overwhelmed and it’d been accumulated.

I hate myself when I lived without passion. The final week is right around the corner. I told myself I couldn’t keep myself feeling so down this long, so I did things to get over myself and here is some tips what I have done.

1. Relax myself and focus to the cause of the problem.
I heard that sometime creativity comes out when we are in the most comfortable position or feeling, so I assumed that I could do the same to solve my demotivation. I took a few hours to relax myself by laying down on comfortable bed. I let my mind flow and not thinking to anything. After I felt so comfortable, I asked myself – why did I felt so down? What made me so tired? How long I had been depressed? What the effect I will get from being so unpassionate to live? What will make myself getting better again?
2. Write out my goal
After I’ve realized how my life will be ruined if I keep myself demotivated, I try to get myself back by remind myself what are my goals to live. Then I wrote it down in my diary and my calendar. To persuade myself to achieve those goals, I wrote how my life will be after I accomplished them.

3. Prioritize my goal
When I was in the stage of demotivation, I lost interest to do things that challenge me. I refused to do hard work because I felt so exhausted. Actually, I found out that I was tried because I’d tried to do so many things at time, so I was overwhelmed. I set too many goals under the limited of time, so I couldn’t accomplish even one. Then, after I’ve discovered that, I changed to accomplish goal by prioritizing them. I found out that it made me more focused to do thing and not feel overwhelmed. Moreover, I’m satisfied to myself when I could accomplish any goal.

4. Feeding myself with positive vibe and more inspiration
I believe that we can live our life but we can’t be alive without inspiration. To reach goal faster, I love to look for the new inspirations to keep myself in mood to work. It might be going to the new art exhibition in the museum or checking in the new places, restaurants to get new experience. Sometimes reading blogs from the successful people or learning new skills online, if I’m not in mood to go out,

I hope you guys got some tips to heal yourself when you found out that one of those day arrived. How about you? If you have any more tips that you think it could be useful, please share in the comment!


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  1. Jess the poet says:

    Good tips ! I tried to keep busy to heal myself, but the result is not pleased, I started to ignore everyone else only focuses on my owe things, and i become so prudent. It’s hard to build our mind at our age. I hope we both on the right track.

    1. ngatwong says:

      Yes, I agree that it’s hard to be focused all the time at our age. But I believe if we keep following our passion, we will be successful.

  2. xguo07 says:

    I strongly agree with you. I will use your methods!!

    1. ngatwong says:

      I hope this is useful for you!

  3. kitty1906 says:

    Well said and the one thing to top the list as a woman would be looking good!dress up yourself as the Best Day of your life,the positiveness it brings around is unbelievable.

    1. ngatwong says:

      Yes! Positive vibes only!

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