Did our ability of thinking deteriorate ?

As we all can observe and be perceive, technology has been in a dominant role in our lives for so long time that even iPhone has been created into generation X.  We can’t live without technology now: we need computers to work, study, some people have their phones anywhere they go. We rely on them to share and absorb information, to calculate numbers, use the information to generate mind maps.  But technology undermines our ability to think? I don’t think so.

Although we use calculators to avoid calculations, or we don’t need to type all letter to have a word. It hastens our working or studying processes, to set our free from tremendous and tedious work. And trends like new media make us think out more strategies and designs to fulfill our lives. For example, if a kind of products wants to raise its sales rate, the marketing campaign has to work out a plan that can be operated on different platforms online and offline instead of only offline in an obsolete way.


Image result for sophia robot

Image source: CNBC

Then, the most recent technology “AI” is making a revolution. A robot named Sophia even gained her first citizenship from Saudi Arabia. She explained more than once that she will exterminate human beings. In my opinion, it’s a catalyst for human beings to think about our future and moral standards for AI. How to control advanced products in effective ways, how to leave spaces for robots to live and also predict their behaviors? Those all will be deeper thinkings connected to technology.

At last, some people complain that more students engaged in video games, social media for entertainment, fewer of them seriously read and study. It sounds make sense, however, video games have been a highly profitable industry, also do social media. In another way, new ways of thinking have been generated based on new technology.

In conclusion, technology is essential in our lives, we can’t look back to live a life without it. It helped us facilitate our lives and trigger new ways of thinking.

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  1. ngatwong says:

    cool! I’ve been interested about AI and I think it will become so powerful in soon future.

    1. Jess the poet says:

      Thanks! I agree with you, It’s kind of weird to watch Sophia said extermination, and in Jimmy’s show she said she would dominate human being.And she has legal citizenship. It may be too much,but I feel a lot of industry will be affected and skills like coding will be universal.

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