How are Gardens and Healing Related?

According to Psychologist Robert Ulrich, gazing at a garden or looking at scenic views of trees, flowers and mountains as opposed to cement walls, can speed up healing a surgery or infection. These views can reduce anger, stress, pain and anxiety in people, and has been proven by tracking muscle tension, brain activity and blood pressure of people under duress.

Even pictures or paintings of landscapes and greenery can soothe someone’s mind, this is how effective the visual aspect is.Surveys show how recovering patients exposed to water or grandees needed less pain medication as compared to those facing walls or infrastructure.

Ofcourse there is a certain type of garden that is the most effective on patients or people under stress and anxiety. Susan Rodiek of Texas A&M University talks about the types of gardens hospitals should have and patients should be exposed to in the article “Nature That Nurtures”.

This is why Hospitals have now started to update their interiors and surrounding by adding gardens, to incorporate more ways they could get their patients to heal. This is also the reason why most people have holiday homes in secluded lush areas, away from all the concrete and sound. We have all been calmed and out at peace by nature, without knowing it.

This makes you think about your city lives, and how when you look outside your window all you see is a ‘concrete jungle’. This gives you an idea of how important it is to take a walk in a garden once in a while to take care of your mental health.


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