It’s a really serious thing about Children’s safety in Kindergarten.

Recently, Chinese people are furious about a report happened in a kindergarten called “Red Yellow Blue” in Beijing. Some parents found some pinholes on their children’s arms, legs and armpits areas. There is a video released: A girl said that they all required eating some certain white pills before their naps. It is said that one kid even described how she was forced to watch one of her classmates sexual abused by an adult man. And her teacher told her and other children that this was a normal activity for them.

I think no one is willing to accept it if it is a truth. They are all armless kids. What kind of morbid people can do that to kids!!!!!!

I remember similar things has happened in the United States described by a movie called  “spotlight”. But when I read this news in China, I was still astonished. I hope it is the end, and this is a historical process to tell parents to raise their awareness of protecting their Kids anytime.

We may hope shlock homeless can really show up to tell us the truth and protect the justice.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. kitty1906 says:

    Sad to know this ,you have to be extra cautious and well researched before enrolling your kid in Kindergarden/preschool.

  2. xguo07 says:

    Hope it will be solved!

    1. Jess the poet says:

      I do hope,too.

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