How to get out of pain

Everyone must have the  situation that break up with your boyfriend or there is a gap between friends, and things like that. People always feel very bad and painful in the beginning. But I want to tell you guys it just because you had accustomed to them, you don’t want to face truth. In my opinion, you have to think about some important things use both ration and emotion. If you think that you make a right decision, go ahead!! I will give you some tips to get out of pain, and you will find your life is so bright!!

Throw out and delate all things about that person, even though it is all memory between yours. Because human is vision animals, people would be influenced by things that in their eyes. That is why people will cry when they are seeing some movies. If you cannot see it, you will not remind about that gradually.

Keeping  yourself get more busy than before. It will distract you, so if you are very busy everyday you will not have enough time to think about that.

Taking care yourself much more than before. Sleeping early and get up early everyday, prepare a rich breakfast. You will feel everything will be okay.


You can choose a place to travel with the book that you like best. This world is so big, there are a lot of incredible landscape and people. You have to touch them, feel them, rather than overwhelmed with the thing that had passed.

Make some new friends, people will influence each other. Your mood also will change as try something new with them.

All people maybe will suffer from tundra, but you have to face it bravely.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. laurieanh says:

    Thank you for your advices. I think when you break up with someone, you can’t avoid spending a few shitty days lol. It’s hard to imagine that life can be happy again…

  2. Yasir says:

    Strongly agree with what you said, especially when you said: keep yourself busy and don’t give yourself time to think

  3. ngatwong says:

    I love the crab picture. It made me feel so hungry!

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