What I Learn from the Social Media Class

I am still learning new things in this class with professor William. I felt that the social media is something huge like oceans, and it’s hard to engage with others. I always thought that the social media belong to other people, not me. I can’t deal with it, and I am far away from them just watching what others do.

Currently, I changed after having the social media class, it’s very beneficial for me. I look at the social media now from another window. I have another perspective, Twitter and LinkedIn are part of my life now. Easy to represent yourself, show others who you are, talk about yourself, engage with people who can improve your skills, and have new experiences. we just need a little push to impress others with our skills.

Some opportunities you can have in the future, any company would be interested to hire you when you have social media skills. Small details can change a lot of things. You can do a lot of things when you work for a company such as:

– Advising companies about using social media professionally to engage with its customers.

– Arranging any YouTube channel to make it more attractive.

– All the company’s platforms should be matched with its messages.

– Using categories is important to get more viewers.

– The tweet should be organized and clear. Strong Bio, Links for customers if they want to read more.


I can write many examples that you can do when you work. This class made me look at new things. Specifically, in Saudi Arabia I see a lot of giant corporations don’t use social media perfectly, they don’t care about the psychological impact and the interests of the audience. Even though they don’t realize the community needs.


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