One of the Golden Boys from Golden State

I have been a Golden State Warriors fans for the past five to six years and what a great couple of years its been to be a fan of this team! For Undergrad I attended St. John’s University and about 3 years ago Chris Mullin famous alumni of St. John’s and the Warriors came back to coach the team. During my Senior year he even got the Warriors to come to campus but of course I was in the city at my internship that day. I was already a fan

Klay thompson and I.JPG

before this but this sparked a whole new level for me as I became more involved in the fandom. During June 2015
I went to San Francisco for the finals and had the best time. I was able to meet other fans, enjoy all the activities they had set up for the week leading up to the game and visit all the places players from the team go on the regular.

Sadly my one goal was to meet one or two of my favorite players, that being Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Being From NY west coast teams like The warriors and Lakers only come here twice per season, to play the Knicks and Nets. I knew my chances would be limited. For the past two years I have tried going all over to meet just some of the team but due to security and MSG having a garage I wasn’t successful in getting a photo with any of the players. On 11/19/17 The Warriors played The Nets in Brooklyn. After making some calls and searching online I found out the hotel the team
Steph curry .JPGwas at and decided I had nothing to lose if I waited. When I got there I saw other people waiting all who wanted memorabilia signed and pictures; I wasn’t even there ten minutes and out walks Klay Thompson. I couldn’t believe how tall he was or the fact that he was standing right in front of me. I was so happy to get a selfie with him and even though Steph didn’t have time to stop on his way to the Tonight Show, I was grateful for getting the one photo I was trying for for years. To make the story even better that next day, the team went back to St. Johns for the second time!



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  1. dhanhab says:

    That’s awesome! That’s cool that you went to St.Johns I know a couple of alumni from way back and I almost went there for my undergrad. You had the determination to get that picture. lol.

    1. Thanks!!! ahhh I swear St. Johns has the best Alumni network everyone knows at least one person who went there haha! Im so Happy I got the photo!!

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