Meeting New People in Unfamiliar area

How can we meet new people in unfamiliar area?





  1. You can meet new people in your daily life such as neighbors, co-workers, and schoolmates. This way is most easiest way that you can try or you already did it since you were young. Look around your place like home, office and school if you are a student so that you can make new people of you as friends. Even if you don’t like all of them, there are some people that you like to be their friend. You meet them normally everyday or four- five times a week in your area, job or school. So if you make them your people, it is going to help you to be conative for you.

2.   Meeting people through friends and relatives is another good way to meet new people such as friends of your friends or family members. Most people have experience meeting new people through their friends or relatives like in the party and holidays while growing up. Because they are already your friends’ and relatives’ friend, you can approach to them without difficulty, and it is easier to be friendly than strangers.   


3.   You can also meet people through shared interests and hobbies such as in clubs, at the gym. Think about what you like to enjoy first. If you like going hiking, swimming, or running, you can join sports clubs to meet people who have same hobby with you. Or you can just go to the gym so that you can meet people easily. This way has two benefits which are enjoying your hobby and making friends at once. And also, if you like studying with others, you can join study group as well. It helps you to have more fun with new people when you spend your time to do that.


These three ways can get you more sociality and interact skills with others in unfamiliar area. It is time to put these ways into practice. Meet new people easily !


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

    you are right, I always eager to know new people too, find friends who can stay in my life forever,

  2. kitty1906 says:

    I always believe in cosmic connection,you may have never talked to that person but with only a glance will make you feel like Friends Forever

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