❄ 3 Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Friends ❄

We are not yet in December, but New Yorkis already in “Christmas mode”, with its Christmas markets, decorations and entertainment. I love this period. We hang out outside in the afternoon and then, as it starts to get cold, we warm up in front of a good movie and a hot cup of tea when we go home.

With my roommates, we decided to start our marathon of Christmas movies and here is the top 3 we decided:

1.  Love Actually

Love Actually is the story of several characters who live their complicated lives like any other person. It’s a beautiful story of love, friendship and family that makes you smile.

Bonus: a scene with a Hugh Grant dance 😉

2.  Home Alone

Home Alone is the story of a family who is going to celebrate Christmas in Paris. Except that the parents realize, once in the plane, that they forgot their youngest son! He finds himself alone and left to himself…

Bonus: There are 2 suites for this movie! One of which is happening in New York.

3.  The Holiday

The Holiday is the story of two women who have a heartache, played by Camron Diaz and Kate Winslet. They exchange their home to take a few days away from home. Two beautiful love stories that intersect …

Bonus: Jude Law 😉

Here are my 3 favourites Christmas movies. If you do not know what to watch one night, watch one of these movies. I am sure they will please you!

And you, what are your favourite Christmas movies?


8 Comments Add yours

  1. xguo07 says:

    I had saw two of them!! I like it very much.

    1. laurieanh says:

      You should watch the 3rd one so 🙂

  2. manasi02 says:

    Oh, I adore Love Actually! Just anything with Hugh Grant really.

  3. clairelee123 says:

    except last one, I have watched those two so many times though, I would like to watch that again. So impressive movies I also LOVE!

    1. laurieanh says:

      You really should watch The Holiday, I think it’s my favorite!

  4. ngatwong says:

    Love Actually is very good movie. I love it.

    1. laurieanh says:

      Yesss it is my favorite one !

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