The Power of ideas

Everything happens first in thinking, and the power of thinking influences your feelings, your behavior and your results and therefore have an impact on the reality of your life. Indian wisdom says, “You are today where your thoughts came and will be tomorrow where your thoughts will take you” For that, we have to be more careful about our ideas. we must first begin to think positively. Studies said that the person receives more than 60,000 ideas by a day, all you need for this huge amount of ideas is a way, if the way was negative, the ideas from memory stores equivalent to 60,000 ideas of the same type, if the positive took the same number of ideas by positive way they will be positive ideas.This is an inspiring video that supports our positive ideas the power of ideas

According to several studies said that more than 80% of human thoughts are negative. if we did a simple calculation and took the proportion of 80% of the 60 thousand idea, we find that our daily crop of our ideas is 48000 negative ideas, those cause feelings and behavior and psychological.

Although the thought may be simple and does not take more than a few moments, but has a well-established programming acquired from seven different sources made it a strong force and a review of the mind used by humans internally and externally, and these seven sources are:

  1. Parents.
  2. Family environment.
  3. Social environment.
  4. The school.
  5. Friends.
  6. The media.
  7. Ourselves.

As you may notice, the idea may be simple and may seem weak, but it is deeper and stronger than you imagine, and causes us to perceive, to understand, to value, to believe, and to understand principles. The idea is the beginning of goals and dreams and is the reference of the mind in the experiments and the facts, and the meaning of things. The idea of happiness makes you feel happy, and the idea of pain causes pain. Socrates said of the idea: “The idea of man can make his world of roses or thorns “The idea has no limits and is not affected by time, distances or places. The idea is the cause of our behaviors, our actions and our results. We should be thinking positive and try to avoid all negative idea. All your life will be change if you change your idea about something.


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  1. Yasir says:

    You amaze me with all the details, I like that when you support your post with numbers and studies, I like this video, really each idea has its power. Thank you

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