The Dilemma of An Introvert

It is officially the holiday season in this country. There will be many social gatherings with family and friends around this time. As an introverted person, I try to avoid these gatherings at all costs. I prefer to stay home and read a good book. Perhaps if I do socialize it will be with three friends maximum. Around this time of the year, I get overwhelmed with socializing with people, visiting family, and holiday parties.

It is great to spend time with family and friends but the need to do it in large groups bothers me. As an introvert, I do not like crowds and overstimulation. I love my alone time. What is so interesting is that most people think I am extroverted because I am so friendly but that is not the case.

This holiday season I want to enjoy it with simplicity. I want to have a great time with people I know very well. I want to engage in meaningful conversations and not aimless small talk. Once the holiday season is over I will be relieved.

This Thanksgiving was great because it was only my mom and siblings. I enjoyed their company. I spoke to my mom and siblings and had a great dinner. It was low key and not overcrowded with other relatives. I also enjoyed alone time after spending some time with family. Hopefully, Christmas and New Years is the same way.

3189968266_85d8a451b6_o  Naathas



2 Comments Add yours

  1. ngatwong says:

    Whatever make you feel happy is the best celebration. I always prefer staying home too. Dinner with my parents and close friends is good enough for me.

  2. Jess the poet says:

    I am shy and timid with strangers too!! I think the same way sometimes, but I find everyone has some metrics can learn from too.

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