I will not forget this Thanksgiving!

I went to skiing with my friends this Thanksgiving in Killington. That was the trip that I will never forget. First because I like skiing very much, and I was very happy to went that beautiful snow mountain. Second because I experienced  the thing that I would feel scared every time.

That is a very beautiful place and the landscape is so colorful that change from yellow to white along the way. And we were so excited in the car, taking something fun and things like that. Four hours later, we arrived in Killington. All trees are white, houses are so cute and warm, and there are a lot of stars in the sky. YES! We were ready for our skiing trip.

After a night’s rest, we went to the mountain.  We skiing together for an hour and I feel that the route I choose was so easy. So I wanted to went to another route, but I didn’t know the situation about that route, I just wanted to try. Some of my friends didn’t want to go with me, cause they were the beginner about skiing. Finally I persuaded a boy to went with me. When we arrived the peak of that mountain. I couldn’t wait and  slide down directly. After a conner, I realized that I made a wrong decision. Because the mountain behind is very steep, indeed, I were sure that I couldn’t finish  the rest of this mountain. But, what the most  bad thing was that I didn’t find the way to retreat, I had only one way which was continue to slide down. I started crying suddenly, and didn’t know what should I do. I was stand there for 20 minutes, and a women came to me asked if I need help, I said yes!!!  Because my body can not be balanced, so she  supported me with her body for most of that route, until I met my friend. I was so appreciate for that, just want to say thank you, I feel so warm about that.

This small trip very impressed me. I love that mountain, also love that person who saved me.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. esraaaljehani says:

    thank God you are safe. I am really want to vist this beautiful pleace. I love your picture so much. Hope you be safe all the time.

  2. Yasir says:

    Wow, it’s a wonderful adventure, be careful next time, I am afraid of skiing.

  3. ngatwong says:

    great! you had such a wonderful thanksgiving. I will take Killington to be in my list for next ski trip.

  4. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

    wow, it’s same very excited, I loved the place from your picture, I would go there. and I am happy you fond someone to help you

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