little Italy

Today I will talk about little Italy in New York city. I chose this part from this great and huge city because I love Italy so much  and I have not been visited yet But New York give me this  opportune to visit little italy where everything like in Italy. Actually I love italy for many reason. First, it has a great history which I interested about history for every country I want to visit. Also, I love their lifestyle, design house, restaurant and of course fashion. One of the best thing in italy food. Italian food is the best food for most people. They cooked with love. every single dish in italy is like art.

Also, they have many romantic cities that will make you feel in love even if you alone and watch it far away.

little Italy in New York  locate in lower Manhattan on the south by Chinatown. Little Italy got its name back in the early 1900s when many Italian people immigrants moved into the small neighborhood and they keep their culture put it in New York.

In little Italy you will feel like you in heart of italy. It is really an amazing part in New York everything is so beautiful the restaurant the food and shops.

For sure Italian restaurant one of the most popular food in the world. For me is the best around the world. So here is five top restaurant in little Italy:

1-CAPRI Restaurant





There are many wonderful coffee in little Italy you can enjoy eat sweet with coffees and feel everything like in Italy.

One of these coffee shop is cafe Roma , cafe Napoli .

 Italian desserts also one thing you have to try taste. Those some of best dessert shop:

Frozen Sweet,  Ferrara Bakery and Café.

Little Italy is one of the most amazing part of new York city you have to visit it and of course you will spend wonderful day that you will not forget it.



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