Where to go in New York? ofcours to SoHo

When you visit the street you will be amazed by the beauty and the soul of new york history. The unique architecture of the traditional buildings, That made of cast iron and decorated with emergency stairs completed by cobblestone streets. This charming compensation and large buildings were neighborhood and houses belonging to the new yorker in the nineteenth century.

But, due to the civil war, people had to leave their houses there, and by the time Soho became an industrial area of the largest factories. However, In the middle of the last century, these factories moved too, and leave these beautiful buildings empty again…

Finally, due to it is wide spaces and large windows that enter a great daylight, this building attracted the artists to use this houses to be their studios and galleries. After that SoHo street became a very famous neighborhood in New York City due to the artist boutiques and galleries, which also attracted must of the famous brands to open a branch there.

Nowadays, SoHo considered as one of the top shopping destination in the world, and for me, I saw it as the most inspirational area too… especially for it is unique buildings design and the artwork sells.

There are some places in the world you feel you belong to it, or somehow it is similar to you. I felt that towards SoHO


7 Comments Add yours

  1. esraaaljehani says:

    wow that interesting I can not wait until we meet agine and visit SOHO togther.

  2. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

    Thank you,Yeaaa I am so excited to 😍

  3. vchilelli19 says:

    I agree with you! Soho is such a nice part of the city! I love the neighborhood feeling it has.

    1. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

      Yes it’s my favorite place to be

  4. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

    Yes and we should explore the area as much as we can

  5. clairelee123 says:

    SOHO! I love there too ( actually unless I spend all of my money there lol )

    1. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

      Loool, be carful could enjoy and being in budget at the same time

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