The hardest decision of my life …

My Danah’s letter


Before I moved to New York I delayed my acceptance at NYIT twice, I was so scared of moving there without my family, also, all that I remembered from my only visit to NY in 2013 was the scary crowd in Time Square.!

I know for sure NYIT is the exact kind of university that I want to study in.

One of my friends have the same major and he started studying there before me, and whenever I call him , I start a new investigation about the kind of the classes he was taking and I loved them.

from his social media accounts, I saw that he started a blog , and he told me this is one of his Social media class assignment. I was impressed about all that, but at the same time, nothing makes the desition easier for a mother whom never being far from her daughter even for a day, I thought that would be very hard for both of us, so instead of taking the decision, I let her did.

I explained the whole situation to her and I promised her that I will visit regularly and I would finish my degree as soon as I can. she told me: “mom I know it will be hard for both of us and I am gonna miss you so much, but I want to support you. I think you should go”

That was all what I needed to hear, nobody else supported me, everyone thought I should change the major and study anything at the closest university to my house in LA !!.

But I could not repeat the same mistake again I really wanted to study something I love I wanted to major in communication art at NYIT because from my friend experience I know that it will make a difference in my life.

I am so thankful that I am here know, I loved the school I am taking 12 credits and I am learning a lot of things that already had a great impact on my life. I loved new york so much that I start worrying about missing her .

I visited  my family in October and they came with me for 2weeks, and I will go back to them in thanksgiving vacation.

Even though, sometimes I feel so sad when I miss them. But I know it is temporary and the result will last forever, one day we would be happy and proud telling this story to encourage others to make their difficult decisions in life much easier.



10 Comments Add yours

  1. christiannyit says:

    This blog is amazing! You’re serving as a great example to your daughter. Keep on going! At the end of the day it will all be worth it!

    1. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

      Thank you so much, I appreciate your words

  2. ngatwong says:

    That letter is touching. My tear’s down. She’s so lovely to encourage her mom, even she knows you have to be far away. She’s strong as her mom!

    1. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

      Aww I am sorry, thank you so much yes she is great girl and very sensitive,

  3. Danah says:

    Hi mom this was amazing love you Danah

    1. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

      Hi sweetie I am glad that you liked it ,love you much more

  4. @eFhd says:

    Sister, although the decision you have made to be away from your family is a tough one, I still think it’s a good decision. The end as they say justifies the means.
    You’ve always proofed to be a strong fighter in your way to reach your goals and that encourages me to fight for mine even more.
    I’m sure things will be better in the future as you said we will remember it as an amazing chapter in your life.
    Danah’s letter is very touching and her comment too, she became a young woman now.
    Shoot for the stars sis, we won’t accept anything less than a PhD from you and I know you can do it.
    Miss you guys and hope will see you soon.
    Best of luck.

    1. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

      There is no words can explain my feeling now while I am reading your comment , every single words mean a lot to me , and you know that you are the one who show me what does “success” mean.. and you will always do.. can’t thank you enough

  5. kitty1906 says:

    I second that sarah to be the hardest decision,it was tough for me too to come away from family though I have my daughter with me it is hard to be away from her dad.And I am confident you shall excel in your goals

    1. Sarah3bdulaziz says:

      Thank you so much , I hop to

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