It takes a special show that has a one of a kind connection with it’s fans to be on the air for 14 years. Grey’s Anatomy is that show that has truly changed people’s lives. Women and men have grown up watching this show which has shaped their career paths as now adults. The fan base has shown their ever loving support for this show by keeping rating the same if not steadily climbing the past 14 years.

ellen pomp

What I love about the show most is the variety of topics the episodes cover. None of them are the same and can pose a different stand point to important social issues. The show is always tackling subjects that are prominent in the news which is important to keeping it up to date.

What I think works the best is the cast. Believe it or not the cast isn’t always in NYC for press like other shows because they are constantly filming in LA on a more rigors schedule so when I heard Ellen Pompeo was coming to the city for press of the 300th episode I was super excited. On her press day where she had multiple TV shows to go to I was able to meet her after the view was over. She was super nice to the fans and understood our love for the show as you could see that by the way she was hugging and interacting with us. I had never met Ellen before and this was truly a special experience for me as I look up to her so much. I look forward to continuing my quest to meet more cast members of the show.


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  1. Jess the poet says:

    WOW, you can always spot celebrities! There is a girl in China is famous of having pics with a lot of celebrities, maybe you will get famous someday,too.

    1. that would be so awesome! if only that could happen to me

  2. laurieanh says:

    OMG noooo! I am so jealous! When I was in LA, I was invited to a barbecue and I was at the same table as Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins in Greys). I was so happy! I really would like to meet Ellen Pompeo now! Lucky you.

    1. ahhh I saw your comment under my Kerry Washington photo like 5 minutes after I saw Ellen and was like wow if only I would have seen this earlier

  3. ngatwong says:

    OMG!! I love her. I was addicted to this series. she reminds me that it’s been too long that I haven’t have time to watch it. Gotta watch it again.

    1. I love the show too its so good

  4. xguo07 says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!! You are so lucky! I like her very much!!!!!!

    1. do you watch the show too?? its amazing!

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