My Hard Time in NY


That was my first year in New York ..


  • someone attempted to take me somewhere.

I lived in Jersey City by myself for two months.

One day, I was coming back home from Manhattan at 7am by PATH, and my studio was nearby the station- Journal Square

When I passed by 7-Eleven in that morning, one black guy who was totally drunken with drugs approached to me and said, ” I want to take you right now, you have to go with me.” I felt like frightened and scared. I couldn’t even yell out.

Fortunately, the owner of 7-Eleven and all the customers in the store jumped out to save me from that guy. He ran away immediately and the owner gave me ride home..


After I moved to Queens from Jersey, I’ve used to take 7 train to commute.

That day, I was going to Flushing-Main Street from Woodside through 7. The train was filled of people as always.

People couldn’t even move their arms and necks.

I never ever expected I could be a victim of pickpocket until I got off the train.

My phone was in my pocket, and after I got off the train, I realized that someone had stolen my phone. As soon as I met my friend, my friend kept calling my number, but as I expected, it was turned off already. I couldn’t help but buy new iPhone.


Not only these bad lucks, BUT also other things bothered me since I came this big city.

But, the way people live is not always heading to happy road.

Like I encountered such a bad luck, I also have had a lot of good lucks and met some valuable people for my life. 

Now, I believe there will be nothing gives me hard time 🙂


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Im so sorry this happened to you thats so scary!! Its really great that you have such a positive attitude even after all that!! Hopefully you love the city despite the bad stuff!

  2. xguo07 says:

    you have to take care yourself after school, especially in evening!!!!!!

  3. dhanhab says:

    Be more careful, there are parts of New York City that are not the best also Jersey City it is now getting more safer.

  4. kitty1906 says:

    Dont worry dear,this will surely not make a dent in your journey,in coming years you will be proud of yourself on passing through so bravely.

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