Luckily, I have seen them.

This morning is the last public opening time for “Salvator Mundi “, it will be auctioned in the afternoon.

My friend would go with me said, there

WeChat_1510767952would be a lot of people there. Even though I thought I might wait for a long time, I was still excited to have the chance to see it.I arrived about 11Am, the location is near Rockefeller center in Christie’s building. I arrived a little bit earlier then a long line showed up in front of me.After waiting for few minutes, a doorman came and said it would be closed soon, so people in the last part of the line would not see it. Luckily, my friend who worked in it arrived she could lead me into the galleries.

It is actually open since last week, It is the last day for a Cherished look since I may have no opportunity ever to see it in public once it was auctioned.




It was presented in one of the six galleries, in a more private room with cryptic light. It was the most ideal circumscribe to meet it. It was just there like I finally can have a conversation with him. So grateful this moment. The most impressive part for me is the transparent crystal ball, through it you can see the blue of the garment of the well-depicted salver.




We also viewed so other works, This one is the central park project, I remember my professor mentioned it in my first semester, a program that attracted hundreds of volunteers came from all around the world.






This one demonstrated the views of eastern culture, It actually looks much better when I saw it in person, It has a strong sense of abstraction and a feeling of the elements being out of the brims.





The last one is from impressionism and cubism. Yes, it’s from Pablo Picasso. Comparing the famous one in MOMA, I am more in fever with this one, actually, this is the first time I saw it. Brilliant color combinations.


In the end, we talked with each other in the lobby with very nice free coffee. Look forward to the auction tonight!

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