3P’s of Travelling…People,Places & Perceptions

Whenever life becomes stagnant the only way to create liveliness is by looking away Photo from kirti s (6)from gadgets and around your self.

It is been said  that  ” the roads  have answers to everything ,you just need to  keep on moving along the path”.

While travelling just look around for the places,people and their perceptions,there is always something new that would actually make you unwind from your own learnings.

In mumbai  I have a house  which is in outskirts from the main city which I preferred for the only reason that I can either take a walk anytime,or just gaze at the moving vehicles on the highway from my open terrace. Biking was also the other reason for my decision to be outside city though I could hardly manage to ride due to work hours.

fall colors-editedI am overwhelmed now because leaving in New Jersey brings so many opportunities( i didnt find a better word for this…gift from  corporate life ) to be closer with nature ;introspect yourself and become more inclusive.The fall colors gives immense pleasure that I could actually felt  excited as a child  and of course with the all romantic songs from bollywood playing in my brain as the background music to this feeling( Please go an watch one of our #SRK  songs).

Not  sure if everyone feels the same with autumn or fall colors as this is the first time I ever  saw this season….and of course eagerly waiting for Christmas & snow fall.

What was your experience to see the Falls colors for the first time?……..

….This is to explore the perceptions going around…..the other P’s will follow soon


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