Why Do Students Use Social Media For Business?


Owning a business built on free capital is a dream. No one can imagine that a business can be built with no money. However, having electronic devices, internet access, and an account on any social media website can make that dream comes true.

A couple years ago, when social media first became popular, they were used for actual social purposes such as making new friends, keeping in contact with old friends, and receiving updates about news around the world as they happen. Nowadays, using social media has dramatically changed due to the fact that there are more purposes for these platforms than just communicating. Because social networks have a lot of advantages which attract individuals and companies, they start use them to earn money. It is clearly known that it is the best place for advertising, so companies become more aware about social media’s role in business. According to thesocialsavior.com, in 2013, the number of marketers who believed that social media was important for business was 86% and in the following year the number increased to be 92%.

Before using social media in business, marketers found that trying to reach their customers took time, but now by posting a picture in their brand’s account in social media, the mission become easier, so everyone can see or share it. As maintained in Business News Daily, Facebook has the highest number of users of any social network with 1.8 billion active users.

Advertising through social media has changed the way companies go after individuals. Fatemah Alhakami, a graduate student at Howard University, said that she started her own business on Instagram a couple of months ago. When asked about the idea of using Instagram in business, Fatemah said she has a high number of followers who like her account as a student abroad, so she started advertising on her account by posting pictures and videos and in return she gains more and more followers. She also sees that is a great idea for young people to operate a business through social media by posting pictures of their products because it is the fastest way which guarantees that many people will see their advertisements without paying a lot of money to promote their products on T.V. “It is the easiest way for students to start business through social media tools because they can study and lead their business at the same time, so by the time they graduate, they will have grown their business,” Fatemah added.

I have discussed a similar issue in this article Young Marketers! when children have their own business throw social media tools, but today it is about students.

Do you  know students who use social media for this purpose?




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