Young Marketers!

“Naiah and Elli Show, Elli you missed it up.”

This is the sentence that my daughter always says to pretends that she has a channel on YouTube, but she does not. She watches several children channels on YouTube one of which called “Naiah and Elli Show.” This channel for two sisters and is conducted by their mother. The little girls are so cute, but to be honest, I have started stopping my daughter from watching their channel because I noticed that she imitated everything they did such as drinking soda and misbehaving. At first, my daughter got mad because I banned her from watching her favorite YouTube show, then she used to deal with it.

After a short of time, she found an alternative YouTube channel that called “Come Play with Me.” I am not sure who is conducting the channel, but I guess a group of young girls. I love their channel and I allow my daughter to watch it because it is suitable for her age. The channel contains videos for playing with Elsa and Anna dolls. The main reason that I believe makes this channel to be popular between children is because it is about Elsa& Anna. As I mentioned in this article “Which one is the most popular Elsa or Barbie?”  this attracts a lot of children who in my daughter age or younger to subscribe the channel. However, after watching this channel my daughter starts again copy everything she sees plus she wants to get like the products that the channel shows.

These two YouTube channels are examples of using social media for business because they advertise for children toys and stores, so children who subscribe to these channels want to get the same products that channels show.

What do you think about using children in social media business?? 

Do you think allowing children to conduct their channels without parent’s interference is fine?












3 Comments Add yours

  1. judithdandan says:

    Parent’s interference is important. We give them a hopeful advice.

  2. reemkulaib says:

    it’s interesting topic I think parents interference is so important if the child so young because the audience want to watch beneficial contents and the child cannot do that alone.

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