Violence is beautiful

屏幕快照 2017-05-03 下午6.01.47Clockwork orange is such a classic works and presents both violence and sex in an artistic aesthetic way. This movie once be limited in domestic and abroad. There are bunch of reasons for regulators to make their decision legalistic and reasonable. One of the reason probably because of truth.

Art tend to put society under a transparent magnifying lens through which viciousness and inhumanity are exposed in front of the public. It’s quite difficult for audience to face Alex who is exact the metaphor of desire and greed in the recesses of public mind. People don’t like morally contemplating and reflecting about ourselves at all.

The whole movie is filled with symbolic items such as prop in lady cat house (sex), Medical therapy (govern policy), Politician (hypocritical government), Alex parents (middle-class in US). There is an interesting phenomenon, all actors’ tone in the film is similar with actors in play. Sometimes voice with different tone has multiple meaning behind. For example, the governor of prison speaks loudly and powerfully, even steps inflexibly. To an extent, his behavior is an embody of government authority.

The most impressive scene is that Alex was cured and come out as a free man, when he come back home, he was informed that his house was rent by another young man and his possessions also sold. Sadly, his parents assumed Alex as vicious guys as before. Therefore, they behave so reserved and hypocritically. The scene is  beautiful and full of strength because of brightly pure color: red, blue, purple and yellow. Those aggressive color can be thought as reflection of middle class.

In that time, middle class tend to act false and exaggerated. In the meanwhile, as audience, we feel Alex’s emotion via shooting angle. Camera like a bystander, it records objectively and deliberately. It also conveys director’s attitude indirectly. Additionally, another classic scene is Alex fight against Georgie, Dim and Pete by the pool. When blood blend with classic music, violence presented  in an artistic aesthetic way. It is so beautiful, just like romantic poetry and dance with slow motion.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. reemkulaib says:

    It seems so odd movie.

  2. hajerotb says:

    yes I agree with Reem. It seems an old movie. I have not heard about it.

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