5 steps for successful social media platforms

Within this semester we were assigned to read the Groundswell book by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. The book was a very helpful and supportive source for our course, everything made sense after reading it.

The book is focusing in helping people who are working in the social media to improve their practices and to improve their companies in the social media platforms. It covered many aspects but the one that I like the most is how to start with the social media.

First, listening to the groundswell. By this point each one of us should know what does Groundswell but for the ones who didn’t  read the book yet Groundswell is ” A social trend in which people use technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations.” and listening to the groundswell means that you pay attention to everything that’s been said about your company weather it was in your social media platforms or somewhere else online.

Second, talking with the groundswell. It doesn’t mean that you will do marketing for your company it basically will show your consumer that you hared what they said and you are getting back to them. The authors recommended 4 ways to talk to the groundswell post a viral video, engage in social networks and user- generated content sites, join the blogosphere and create a community.

Third, energizing the groundswell. Start with your most enthusiastic customers and go from there”if you want to energize your costumers you must prepare for a new way of thinking” . This means you have to listen because if you didn’t pay attention you would end up embracing you self and your company.

Forth, Helping the groundswell support itself. Simply that means people will help each other throw the groundswell and you have to prepare the right place for them to communicate and you could interact with them if it was needed.

Fifth, embracing the groundswell. Ask for suggestions and show your customers that you care, set up a privet community and much more. “You need to do more than just ask for feedback . You need to show that feedback online, good and bad, where people can see that you are ready to act on it, that you are committed to improving things.”

These steps made it easier for me to understand how to start! and this book expanded my vision on the social media practices . If you are interested in social media field and you want to work in it but you haven’t read it yet please do!! you will need it anyway to know how to start. Other than that, if you have any suggestions on similar books I really would like to know about them.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. maysarjabr says:

    Before I tried to read it as it for class, but when you talked to us about it I feel it more helpful if I enjoy the book

    1. ghadeeralsh4 says:

      Yes I enjoyed this book more than reading it for the class purpose..

  2. jodyleylax says:

    I agree that this book is an amazing read! We’re learning so much and knowledge is important!

    1. ghadeeralsh4 says:

      Yup that’s true!!

  3. kimberlyo1 says:

    The book is pretty interesting. I normally find it hard to read class text book but this one was very easy to read.

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