Global Mela

On Monday, it was the event called Global Mela in New York Institute of Technology at Manhattan campus. It was really an amazing event which has many things to do and many things to know such as, know about the costumes and clothing of other countries, learn about the customs and traditions of each country, learn what are foods that are popular in other countries. In another hand, there were several things we have done it for example, Live Music by New York’s famous, DJ JP, Dancing on all languages and learn about music in another countries and Fashion Walk.

Moreover, it was prizes for who is wearing the best dresses and the most outstanding performers in several countries and we won one of them which is the best dress. Finally, we had a dinner with many various dishes and it was so delicious.

to entry the event you should pay $5! and it will go to a good thing which is “Relay for Life” to get money for Cancer research.

I know that, I did not post a blog last week, but I was waiting for the pictures and here are some of them. ❤ ❤


5 Comments Add yours

  1. judithdandan says:

    I and my friend attended this activity that night!!! so exciting.

  2. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    Was I wonderful night!!

  3. hajerotb says:

    Congrats for the prize.
    I wish I could had made it, but next time I’ll be there.:)

  4. jodyleylax says:

    That seem like a fun night.

  5. kimberlyo1 says:

    Wow, awesome pictures. Looks like it was fun filled night.

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