The “Miswak” has become a European fashion

“Europeans Have Just Discovered Miswak, And Are Selling The “Revolutionary” Toothbrush For £3.90″

Last week I heard this news from one of the WhatsApp groups. I was very surprised to hear this news and the reason that the “Miswak” is considered Muslim by Muslims since the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Now the “Miswak” has become fashionable in Europe and has become a foreign company producing this product.

What is Miswak: A wooden piece of tree roots This tree is located in Saudi Arabia. Siwak is a very famous culture in Saudi Arabia, Arab and Islamic countries, and when Islam came to make the Siwak important to indicate that the Prophet Muhammad peace is upon him urged to use it. Use Siwak to clean the teeth after eating or at any other time.

YONI company is the first company that got the idea to sell the Miswak online. I really love that, but I was sad because no anyone from Arab people gets this idea before.


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  1. rabi80 says:

    We are always like that, we have to wait until somebody from outside do sad really!!

    1. maysarjabr says:

      Yeah Rabi I don’t know what I say

  2. jodyleylax says:

    People are always afraid to take the first step, and even if they are not afraid they allow other people’s fear to become their own so they eventually end up not doing anything. I honestly thought that ‘miswak’ was sugar cane.

    1. maysarjabr says:

      Absolutely true that

  3. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    Unfortunately muslims are rarely using it now!!

    1. maysarjabr says:

      Not all of them

  4. ineskrb says:

    Thank you for this article, this is the first time I hear about “miswak”.

    1. maysarjabr says:

      Sounds good thanks for you to read it

  5. noufabdulla says:

    That’s very sad, I think they were not ready to introduce Miswak for the world.

    1. maysarjabr says:

      😦 nothing to say

  6. reemkulaib says:

    I cannot live with out Miswak

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